coolest dreams

my friend naturally has lucid dreams as in very often and she actually says that she DOESN’T WANT THEM ANYMORE.
i think it’s kinda annoying :grrr: because i’ve only had one that i couldn’t even fully control while she can have it everyday if she wants to.
so i asked her why and she said so they would be more unpredictable and surprising.
my coolest dream (considering the fact that 99% of my dream are non lucid because i’m a newb) would have to be the one where i could turn invisible and i did stuff that i wouldn’t normally do and pulled pranks on people.
if this was a lucid dream i wouldn’t need to be invisible…

i love those unpredictable dreams. I remember someone saying “i wouldnt touch that with a 10 foot pole” and everybody in my dream had 10 foot poles

You still have ND’s, evne if you can LD. So, you get the both of both worlds.

But still, I don’t get the whole LD’s aren’t random enough thing. The plot and stuff of mine are still out of my control (so it’s just as random), but not only can I apreciate it more, it’s more real and I have powers as well. And there is a certain subject you wish to dream about, that can be done in an LD (and if you still feel it’s not random enough, you could just lose lucidity).

Yay for LD’s!

tell your friend to go “through the mirror” that’s what Q (and undoubtedly a whole bunch of other people) like to do. what’s on the other side should be unknown to you, and you shouldn’t expect anything, so just go through the mirror and see where you end up. that way it might be pretty unpredictable for her.

i think we’d all love at least a few weeks of her constant LDing ability. wow!!

your friend should know how lucky they are!! Most of my favorite dreams were last year, and I forgot them all :sad: too bad I wasn’t using a dream journal!

hey, i was born with the ability to lucidly dream when i wanted too… thats kool :cool:

its also really fun… my oldest dream memory was when i was 4 years old… i was in a mario video game, that was pretty weird (i was Luigi) :grin:

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anyways about luigi - that’s pretty cool. i loved the game when i was young (i’m 17 now) and my parents always said that i’d turn into mario and sucked into the tv because i played it so much. i guess YOU played it a whole lot more than I did hehehe! :content:

thank you very much for the info, i wont do it again
sorry :sad:

it’s alright… i know you are new here and all newbies do a few things such as double-posting but it’s really no big deal. don’t worry it’s not a mortal sin or anything :tongue: we still love ya!

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wow the both of both worlds! sounds good!

I had a very cool dream a few days ago.

I was back at the old appartment and I felt very weird. I was wondering Am I dreaming or Am I not ? and I said … looking at a phone … if I am dreaming, could I make this phone ring ? In the next instance, I woke up, because my mom called and I told her over the phone about the funny thing that just happen. After I closed the phone I looked at my wall watch and damn if I could read what it said … I was still dreaming and I realized it, while in the dream. It felt pretty cool.

ah, proka you had a false awakening if you didn’t quite know the name for it. there are a lot of posts about that here no doubt. frustrating, huh? hehe

so what else did you do in this dream? obviously it was a lucid one since you realized you were dreaming.

nice job and good luck on your journey!

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Atargirl, keep trying, you will soon have many more lucid dreams :smile:

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Well said, my friend. :content:

I have a question. Does everybody here has FA?
Couse I never did

FAs do get more frequent once you try to LD. there is a big FA topic in Quest for lucidity

One of the coolest dreams I can remember was when I was riding this enourmous dragon over the shoreline of an ocean. There was this really nice musical theme to it too. I’ll never forget that one.