could an advanced dreamer/LDer been enlightened in a dream

Recently I have watched
The 13th floor
The cell
Howls moving castle

Some which I have seen before but wanted to remind myself of though today I watched “waking life” the film recently and I have been fumbling over these thoughts that if it is to do whatever you like in a dream to totally realise that a sleeping dream is a dream only and can be anything you like it (attaining lucidity) then you could do whatever you like and join whatever force to another,

could you then realise it is a dream and lose the ability to not need to go through the processes most people check to see if it is a dream?

I only ask as I feel but don’t know fully that I am lucid or not lucid as no one can look inside my head/dreams and check whether I am having one.
But only a person can find out through me discussing what happens.
I remember when I was 10 and knowing or awaking to find that in my dream I was flying and think that was great and at that time considered everyone to have the same similiar experience.
(this idea was when I used to sit for breakfast with my sister and my dad and tell each other what dreams we had last night)

But now after a lengthy time period for me I feel like many people do have good dreams without realising they are making it up but very few realise the extent of their own creativity of a dreaming world.
With this idea I feel now when I am having a flying dream or having a dream where I am part of a group there could be no difference in the sense as I am experiencing a dream with no control I am still aware of it as a dream and the actions I make in the dream come sudden and with no control from me,
(i tell myself that with no control means I am not lucid)
then if I learnt to lucid dream before I knew what a lucid dream was surely the act of having no control could be an act of having fun with the lack of no control, almost as if when IRL are playing a computer game you explore a world you can’t physically change but you have a view and series of controls and you decide how much you want to use those controls.

This summary has led me to this question “could an advanced dreamer/LDer been enlightened in a dream?

I of course I am not saying I am enlightened but as such been in a enlightened state is, would that state be a lucid dream

I’m not really sure actually. I don’t know the fine details of being ‘enlightened,’ so I couldn’t tell you. If I’m thinking of it the right way, I suppose you could get some ‘hightened’ feeling out of it and make yourself a better person. A good thing to think about, I suppose. :wink:

Where can you watch this movie?

I think you’ll need to define ‘enlightened’ just a little more before I offer my two cents :wink:

I agree with Wolf and Josh Redstone, Samzen05. You need to define “enlightment”.

Its like this.

from Xetrov’s link these parts I feel make sense of what the definition of enlightment is;

These quotes only give a summary of what enlightment means, to understand this entirely it takes a long time meaning years or lifetimes. Also by reading many different sources you might get a better understanding. I don’t fully understand it myself but live with two people who are growing to understand like myself and we discuss the implications and perceptions of it.

What I was trying to get in my original post was it may not be possible to be awake IRL and be enlightened but almost as if in dreamstate it is possible

Also if you are wondering where you might find this film either in a rental shop or off the internet (though it is upto ur own judgement if you get if off the net)

Judging from what I know (from my limited perspective of course since im not (yet :razz:) “enlightened”), I would say that you might think in a (lucid)dream that you are enlightened, however this would not mean that you would be actually there already. Being enlightened means you are like that always, awake and aware during the day and during dreams. There’s also the point of dreams distorting your view of reality, so you might think “oh yeah im there!!”, only to wake up to realise it was a false impression.