Could be an LD but felt vague... Any feedback?

I was in my house and my mum was talking to me when I suddenly thought “am I dreaming?” Clock checks confirmed this (numbers were all lines like the matrix!) I said something offensive to my dad who tried having a go at me but I just left because I knew I was dreaming! :tongue:

I ran to the kitchen and checked another clock to make sure and then ran out of the house. At this point my brother’s friend turned up. He asked me if I was lucid and I said yes so he said “try flying”. At first this didn’t work, but my brother’s friend kept shouting words of encouragement and eventually I got off the ground and started flying.

I think he was still running after me on the ground, when I started to gain a bit of height and speed (felt about 30/40mph) not bad for a first attempt! :smile:

I then remembered that some people had had problems with power lines. Sure enough as soon as this worry entered my head some power lines appeared (where there aren’t any in RL!) I managed to avoid them and remember wondering what would have happened if I’d have hit them, (would I have woken up?) At one point I even tried manifesting someone I know but this didn’t work unfortunately. :confused:

The only doubt in my mind about weather or not I was lucid is the fact that the dream seems a bit vague and I didn’t really have any increased senses or perceptions and my control didn’t seem brilliant. It was like I could choose to fly, but in the grand scheme of things I wasn’t in control. However what I thought and said in the dream leads me to believe I was at least partially lucid and that I simply do not remember the rest.

I will work on it. Thanks for listening! :tongue: Oh yeah and I saw a post which said that aren’t lucid dreams easy to remember? Well my advice is work on your DR anyway because sometimes LD’s can be forgotten and there’s nothing more annoying trust me! Also I went to bed at 7.00pm! Sounds a bit sad but I was really tired from work… I think this helped my dream recall and gave me more time to practice WILD which I eventually gave up on and simply fell asleep! :grrr:

Congrats with the LD, infinitycascade. If you wonder about control and preception/senses, this will become better and better once you start to have LD’s regularly. It also depends on your level of lucidity, if you are highly lucid then it’s also much better!

Congratulations on your LD! It sure sounds a lot like my first LD, including the powerlines. I hit one and nothing happened luckily :wink:

You can have varying degrees of lucidity and control in your LD’s. For example, i had a dream in which i was flying, but i kept getting pushed back by a stormy wind. No matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t fly into it. Also, it didn’t feel anything different from a ND, regarding intensity and perception. Afterwards, I was wondering wether this was an LD or not, but i suppose it was just a lower level of lucidity and control at the time.

Thanks for the feedback. Its good to hear that it can feel similar to a ND at times. I was begining to wonder!
Hopefully my control etc… will improve.

What level are you at with your LD’s then? Do you often expierience high control, heightened senses etc…

I’ve only had 3 LD’s in total, of which 1 recent one (rather short) where i had good control (i materialised an apple by thrusting my hand into a concrete wall and pulling an apple out), but no heightened sense of any kind. I think it takes practice, just as it takes practice to remain lucid for longer than a few seconds.

I would like to have more success with materialisation. At the moment though i think heightened senses would have more benefit as it would help me to do other things i want to do.

As for staying lucid, that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I just hope my perception and control improves because you hear many people on the forum saying how close LD’s are to RL and to me it seems a bit vague- like a ND.

I will have an LD tonight! I’ll report back tomorrow to see if my control improves! I’ll just do the same as last night: Go to bed early, listen to induction cd for an hour and then remember to relax and not try to hard!

Hope it works out for you as well. Make sure to report back any improvements in control you achieve!

memory can be a big cause as well and is somthing that a lot of people overlook for some reason. It is also how well you remember the dream to how clear it can seem! i know that sounds nuts, “but i remembered the dream i remembered fly i remembered it all how much better do i have to remember it?” lol there is always more to remember , the feeling of the grass on your feet or the tickle of the wind against your ear and hair. its the tiny little things like that, that if you work on can increase the experience ten fold :smile:

but anywayz i wanna say congrats! that is a really really good ld, insipring as well, really makes me want to get seroiusly back into it! thankyou. Good look and post back your progress should be good !

As a beginner i’d say all the advice has really helped, and having an LD after just a few weeks of joining the forum has exceeded my expectations!

As for the remembering, i think i’m starting to understand now- its the little details that are forgotten first? I could see how excellent recall could enhance the expierience. Definetely something to work on.

Thanks for all the advice.

:smile: good luck. make sure u post up how u do tho, i wanna c :happy:

yep- hopefully try again tonight and i’ll post any results tomorrow. If you don’t hear anything you’ll know it didn’t work!
But i have patience and i’ll keep trying- plus it has the added benefit that i now have over 8 hours sleep a night! :content:

lol maybe i should think about that i think i will have 6 hours tonight :wink:

Thats usually me. Go to bed at 11.00 (hour to get to sleep), get up at 6.30. But since i’ve been here i’ve fallen to sleep quicker and gone to bed earlier!

I think it definetely helps- you feel less pressure to get to sleep and as a result relax more. I’d say it also improves DR.

Still have to work on the weekends tho- and cut down on the booze! :tongue:

You should start LDing again and post any results as well. Would like to here how your progress goes as a more experienced LDer…

mmm your right it does help… dont know why i dont follow that advice. but damn booze give me some wack dreams!!! its nuts!

i have started lding again lol thats why i am back, i didnt even try n they are back they are haunting me! thanx to Q n explora paying me a visit in my dreams i had to come back to the forums.

My ld as of late have been pretty dodge really but still there lol. check my DJ if u like its all in there… sorta. hopefully they will get better :razz:

lol. I like it! Q an explora haunting you back in to LD! Thats a cool, strange way to get back into it! :happy:

As for drinking… i tend to just pass out and remember nothing about my dreams, oh yeah and then theres the hangover to worry about! :cool_laugh:

So yeah- get back to it! :content: I’ll have to check out your DJ an see what u mean by dodgy!

Hi TimeLess_Soul.
Looks like i was unlucky!
I did have a strange dream about using a currency converter to print money off and the money was euro’s not pounds! Very strange but no LD!
What about you? did u try any LD techs?
I tried WILD for a bit again- but fell asleep and i think i went to bed too late, cos i was really tired… :bored:

sup champ! ah its all good mate, in time :smile: lol stealing in your dreams are ya? ! you should start a dream journal ? do u have one already?

i did have a ld, short, well i cant remember much anyway, was driving my brothers car like a nut, trying out hand brakies n slides just for the fun of it… lost lucidity had a reacurring dream again, still havent posted it in my DJ to tired 2 night lol. yer i did try a tech, WILD. n it stuffed me up, godi had the worst sleep i seriously can not use that TECH ever! all u crazy ppl thinkin wild is da best… guh.

uv got a point! WILD kinda messes with your sleep cycle! i normally give up and just go to sleep! I would post a DJ but i’d b too lazy 2keep it up2 date- i have an offline one but it only makes sense to me and can’t b bothered editing it all so tht every1 gets it.

Yes stealing is a common theme in my dreams- which is wierd since i never stole anythin in my life! I even once had a dream tht i kept stealing cars!!! so unlike me but then i guess dreams are messed up!

Where is ur DJ? I couldn’t find it when i looked earlier? One more thing- it must be like 2.00am in australia right now (correct?) well its 4.00pm here! Get some sleep man!!! :cry: