Could going on holiday increase lucidness?

Could going on holiday increase the amount of LDs you have?

I just wondered this because, in August I went on holiday for a week camping in France. Before I went, I hadn’t had a LD for about 3 months (I had stopped RCing and I hadn’t been concentrating on LDs). Anyway, when I got there, I had 3 LDs in that a week, which is more than the usual amount I have. All of them were DILD and in each one I didn’t perform any RCs to confirm whether I was dreaming. In addition, I had more control and I had the longest LD I’ve ever had when I was on holiday there. When I went, I didn’t concentrate more on LDs, I just seemed to get them randomly (although I’m not complaining).

I don’t know whether this will have anything to do with it, but I might as well include it. I usually sleep with a nightlight on, however, that week I slept in complete darkness.

Maybe it does increase the chances. My LD’s I have had now for the past weeks have all been from a more relaxed state.
U took a holiday, so you are enjoying yourself :smile:. and relaxing. Sounds perfect for increasing LD’s. Cool ur getting them as DILD. That only happend to me once so far (Check my DJ for details: Click here )

Then again. It could also be the distraction of the light … who knows. heheh

I find that when I’m off scool or work (but not necessarily on holiday), my LDs tend to increase, and I think the reason for that is because I get to sleep in. The more I sleep in the more REM I have, so naturally I have more lucid dreams.
In fact, I’m on my Christmas break now and I had a brief moment of lucidity when I slept in recently.

I got summer break from today :yay:

And I’ll got cool some LD’s one can be today, next one tommorow =]


Anyways, when you are on holidays, you sleep more, you are more relaxed than usual. The light thing also infuences dreams, I guess it’s like you are more relaxed while sleeping without nightlamp on :razz: Maybe it’s too bright or something :tongue:

There have been several topics about this. I remember one last sommer where the poster also said that they had more LD’s on Holiday. There are also several that say exactly the opposite, that they have less, or no LD’s.
It seems to have more to do with how relaxed your holidays are then being on holiday. People who say that they don’t get much sleep on holiday, don’t seem to get many LD’s. Others say that they are very relaxed on holiday, and get more LD’s.
There were also some who comminted that they were seeing new things and thought that the new expeances had something to do with the increase in LD’s.
To find out for sure we would have to do an expeirment with lots of people going on holidays, where some went on relaxing holidays with lots of new things to see, some on relaxing holidays with nothing new to see, some on tiring holidays with lots of new things to see, and some on tiring holidays with nothing new to see. (that sound like a lot of work)

That seems a lot of work. Maybe it would be better if people just wrote their past experiences.

Anyway, I guess I slept more, but I don’t know whether you could call it a relaxing holiday, because I hated it. I was definitely more relaxed sleeping in the dark though, so that could’ve been it. Or like you said, it could’ve been the sleeping till noon that did it.

So far, all of my dreams have been DILDs.

If you normaly have to get up early, then sleeping till noon could definatly have an effect on your LD’s. :smile:

well maybe because your more relaxed

i dont’ use reality checks becaues i dont need them
If i know im not awake, im asleep so i always know if im dreaming or awake :happy:

Meditation I’ve heard helps. And on Holiday, your relaxed, right? So maybe its like a long meditation, and thats why your getting more LD’s.

My guess, but I’m not much help. :content:

Im not too sure… My LDs are always on random days.