Could going to sleep extremely late actually help with WILD?

I’ve been failing at WILDs time after time, and I’m trying to find different techniques to use before I lose my motivation.

I remember about a year ago, I had to complete a full hour-long flash animation with a storyline. I was up until about 5 AM finishing it, and then went to bed. At this time, the birds were chirping and it was still light outside. I kept trying to fall asleep but the birds and light kept me up. I didn’t know about LDs at the time, so I never stood still. I was up for about 2 hours before I finally fell asleep.

About 2 days ago it hit me, if I was up till about 5 AM, and tried to go to sleep, and the birds and light offered a constant annoyance, they could easily keep me awake, despite my wanting to go to sleep.

What do you guys think?


I think for everyone’s different, but in WILD the main problem is getting to REM sleep, so, if you get to sleep very late chances are you will get disturbed before reaching the REM state (I mean REM comes at the end of every sleep cycle, so you would have to wait like 90 minutes before it coming).
Plus i tend to find external noises very annoying and distracting when I try WILD.

Couldn’t you WBTB? That way you would be awake around 5 in the morning (exact time depends on your cycles I think), but you would have slept enough to be close to some REM period.