Could I have your Number?

Please call - ???
It IS a dream number, isn’t it? :smile:

OMG, :mrgreen: am I ever going to recall enough numbers combined with the right people? I guess I am going to pick just one to remember… or maybe three or so…

Anyway, if people would like it, you can call me at 4444, that should be easy to remember :razz: 4444 = Little Snowfox.
Is this number still free?

call me at 7319 :wink:

Im sorry, it isnt :sad:

Sweet Someone call me 1256:)

Let’s go with 1248 (powers of two), just remember i’m in a european time zone :razz:

Whatever, 5893

1510 - Mew151

Can someone really call me, please to tell me i’m Lucid!
The number is 0411

Call me at 1296! It’s six to the 4th power :tongue:

My number is 6159.
I got it in a ND this night…lol

7393 it is! Talk to ya soon.

I don´t understand anything, call me to tell me I´m lucid?!
And isn´t it way to short numbers?? Can someone please explane :smile:

It’s a number you can use while dreaming to call another dreamer and tell them that they are dreaming :content:

Haha, that´s awsome! My number is 1134 :content:

Sounds cool. My number is : 1472. Give me a call anytime! :tongue:

:tongue: 1999, Easy Peesy
Call me!

4666 :content:

always available at 0000 :cheesy:

Just make sure you’re not using numbers already taken. There’s a link to the phone directory on the first post.