Could I have your Number?

I have been having difficulty having LDs so as a result, I have lost all inspiration to LD, and basically have never had an LD with any context to it

So I came up with an idea to hopefully motivate myself and possibally help everyone get to know each other more

I was thinking everybody in LD4all forums, who wants to participate, should make up a 4 diget ‘phone number’ with which hopefully we can remeber in our dreams and can use to actually communicate with one another

I know it probably sounds stupid but I am going to give it a shot anyways

My phone number is the mathematical number PHE, and the golden mean, 3186

the phone directory for this number can be found here. :cool:

couldn’t we just use telepathy in our dreams to communicate? oooorrr we could just talk in real life on the forum…

but what the heck…




ok, mine will be 1664.
Give me a call anytime! And, if you do, could you please see if I’m lucid? if not, make me! :happy:

Why not? I could use a wake-up call every once in a while. :happy:

  1. (132 is a fav number)

waves fist at people claiming 1337

Ooh!! This should be great fun!!

I’m not really good at remembering numbers, so you guys are going to have to call me!

My number shall be: 1147

2711 … is me…to the ‘e.’

wait, that didn’t make sense…

opens random number generator

My number will be: 7175!

i had to do it! :shy:



eazy peazy to remember :happy:

Worth a try I guess :peek:


Simple enough reason. P is 16th letter in the alphabet, I is the 9th, and E is the 5th.

1695 spells pie.

but what we the fun of that be :tongue:

I like to think that online communication is completely different from RL communication, maybe it is because so much of language is in the tone of the speaker

Also, online communication is so… I don’t know… impersonal, you know? When you are online you are someone else, kinda hard to explain, but something has to explain all the jack***es out there :content:



Mine will be 8046. I really need people to remind me of my dream state.

PS. if your 'phone turns into a hex phone, my number will be… C0DE instead!.

  1. i was the 2231th person to join LD4all. :cool: Usually in a dream though, i just “know” that this number,or even this button, will take me to the person i want to speak with.

Wow, no one’s claimed 6666? then i do.