Could I have your Number?

ooh intruiging idea…

mine will be 1913

I really like the idea of this…is the number 0515 taken? I would love that number if it is not :smile:

0102 this will be interesting

Amazing idea!
i want “The Call” :grin:

Can i be “5224” ?

I call the Fibonacci Sequence.

1123, assuming somebody hasn’t already taken it.

tell me if this ones taken, but probably not,

2141 :grin:

Can I be 7322?

You mean communicate with our dreaming minds’ imagined DC versions of one another? Or do you actually believe in telepathy/shared dreaming?

can i be 3045?

6068 PS I’m writing this at four in the morning

How would anybody be able to comunicate with the chosen number without knowing the person? I mean if you tried it with a friend, there might be a possibility to gain contact with the person, but this way you’ll probably (if it works) have a random conversation with that number, but not really reach that person dreaming IRL. Makes sense? :razz: Sorry to say this, but it just seems weird with 13 pages with random numbers… :confused:

1012 :smile: hehe

very well then 1947

My number is the 2455

The number “2222” is now free… take me off the list.

I call 1510. :grin:

For obvious reasons.

Hehe, I hope nobody claimed 8008. My number :content:
It would be nice having someone tell me I’m dreaming. So I can have my first LD. :grin:

Edit- :sad: someone has my number, change too 0088

if anyone wants to call me im 0404

(if it’s not taken)

Edit: it’s a cell

Sounds simply enough. (:


Hehe, I updated my sig so it leads to this experiment :tongue:

I always forget to call other dreamers while Im dreaming :grin: