Could I have your Number?

2448 if it’s not already taken :content:

pfff fine. :smile: haha ill take 2830 if it not taken of course…plus i havent gotten lucid. YET XD

Lemme make this clear: Its impossible to communicate to another human directly through dreams(lucid or not doesn’t matter). You can only create another image of human using your imagination. Once again IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

I know a few people who would disagree (though I myself think similarly). Check out the Chronicler’s in the Beyond Dreaming section, they have a very interestng shared dreaming diary.

Again, while I may agree to some extent, you can never completely doubt what no one is sure about :razz:

From now on my number is 1288 :grin: PM me if the number is already taken :cool:

My number is 1188, but not sure if I’ll answer.