Could I really control my dreaming?

I usually have some really terrifying nightmares. I’m sure I’ve been semi-lucid before and whenever I think of anything at all creepy in a dream it is instantly true. If I actually concentrate better on being lucid would I be able to remedy this at all?

Lucidity is the key to ulimate control of your dreams. You’re the director. However, it requires some practices to be able to control your dreams completely. The director can be confused now and then. :wink:

So, yes it’s true. You can.

Have fun! :dream:

Yes, you can defiantly use lucid dreaming to control your nightmares. Nightmares are no longer frightening once you realize it is just a dream. In time you can learn to change the nightmare or even allow the nightmare to continue and explore it without fear.

Nightmares have been great for giving me LDs, I usually think I’m dreaming as a escape method when confronted with death, ironically, since I’m near death. I usually die and wake up. :cry:

I remember vividly remembering I was in a dream while flying off a cliff and saying “YAY!!..oh S****!”

Yeah, you can, but I seem to be pretty crap at it…

‘Ooh! A wall! I think I’ll just walk thr-OUCH!’

Meh, I need more practice… alot more…

It just takes a lot of practice. Hang in there and do not give up.

Happy Dreaming

Yes, you can control your nightmares. I wish I had more nightmares. I usually become lucid in them.

Don’t let anybody tell you it’s hard, or that it takes loads and loads of practice. This isn’t true, with the right motivation, and correct placebo effects, it can be done in just 3 days.

So don’t let any of the failures you hear at LD4ALL put you off. Lucid dreaming can be done correctly. :smile:

Happy Lucid dreaming.

The only thing that happens when I have a nightmare is that I wake up. Sometimes I even wake up if I get the feeling that it will get scary in a moment.

Petesand9, is it during ND’s you get scary things or during semi-lucid dreams. You should just repeat something like “when I get scared it’s probably a dream” before you go to bed. And hopefully you will get lucid and be able to not get scared or overcome the monster. If you get lucid you could try just to ignore the scary things and think about something positive. Hopefully the good thing you think about will happen too. Good luck.

I have 4 stars now :partying_face:


This is true indeed. LD ‘ing is easy. When I had my first LD I was stunned at how easy it was to do. Not to mention a lot of kicking my self over how complicated I made it. Motivation does play a major role. I don’t even think that a placebo effect is necessary.

Believing it is hard is what makes it hard

Yes. Also other peoples complaints and failures will drag you down. Try to avoid such topics, read only good sucesses in Lucid Draming. I asure you, it works.

I know we have gone way OT but, you bring up a good point. I seem to have less LD ‘s when reading negatives about LD’s. I never thought of it before. I am even wondering if that could be the cause of some of my dry spells. :hmmm:

Way back when I was practicing WILD I used to try to do it at bed time because, I just could not do it with WBTB (long story and we are OT as it is). Every thing I read said this was impossible and of course I did not have any successful WILD S at bed time. Though I had DILD. Anyway I decided not to listen to people and started to practice WILD at bed time. I was already using meditation and hypnosis to help me with insomnia anyway so it was not much of a change. In A very short time I had successful WILD s at bed time with out sleeping 4-6 hours first.

Good Point

Infact, avoid LD4ALL altogether. NO DON’T. COME BACK. I was only joking. Ld4ALL is mostly positive. I find it’s a nice enviroment that the forum has.

How were we OT? (by that I asume you mean over the top?). I was simply trying to give some motivational advice, because such negative tpoics can make lucid dreaming a hell of a lot harder. When it’s not.

Sorry if I went well OT

Sorry, I should have spelled it out but I was lazy. OT = Off Topic. Which we were a bit but, I thought it was an important issue and a very good point to make.

I do agree that LD4ALL is the most positive forum out there on LD ing. I have read a lot of other forums that made LD ing sound so hard and it is not.


Just to be clear. I really did not care. I thought it was a good discussion.

Though this is the most positive and helpful forum on LD ing, there are a limited few who get upset when the discussion vers off topic. I was just apologizing in advance to anyone who might be upset by it.

Happy LD ing

that was the funniest thing i’ve ever read…

“and correct placebo effects”

awww… that’s classic… you know, like you’re putting the suggestion into his so he’ll have one…

I mean… totally… that post was completely set up to be a nice placebo… and just… well… none of these smileys can express my amusement.

But I’m not patronizing you, I just really loved how you tacked that “and correct placebo effects” in… giving him a little suggestion to help him through… or something… I don’t know. Don’t mind my goofiness.

I believe you are at the stage when you need to try and overcome your fears and phobias… often times you will be randomly presented with scary situations while lucid dreaming, becuase I think it’s your minds way of saying “HEY, you can’t move on until you overcome these fears some more.”

uncertainty makes for a dangerous ld envrionment… (well unpleasant, not dangerous)

you know… if you’re really scared and you think “I hope there isn’t a spider in here”

well you’d better darn well believe there WILL be one… unless you’re lucky.

and well… I run away and force myself awake when that happens, but I think I convinced my mind that I don’t need to overcome my issues with spiders right now, because they aren’t a big hold back in my life.

Which in a way, might help me overcome them altogether in the first place.

But yeah even when I’m very lucid I still tend to freak out and abort my dreams when things go really awry…

The key is to just slowly approach things that bother you, recognize negative thought patterns and how they manifest bad things in you dreams, and just over time deal with them and negate them.

And if you say… encounter a really damn big spider… and you want to confront it… that’s good… but don’t try and kill it… I made that mistake once… I threw a knife halfway toward it, freaked out and aborted the dream… but until I messed with it it was completely lifeless…

So… just like… say “hi” and ask it to be nice to you or to turn into something else or go away… maybe.

Now if it’s a nightmare scenario it probably won’t do that, but if it’s an open ended lucid encounter, like you make it exist by something you accidentally think, it will probably be lifeless by default unless you expect it to not be.

You’ll get the hang of overcoming doubts… I used to always run into power lines hwile flying for example, for a long time they hidnered my flying progress until I stopped caring and apprehnesively crashed into them and forced my way through to them.

Now most of my flight experiences are fun and untainted with any doubt at all.

It’s just something you have to work at, but if you can while awake acknowladge that even if something terrifying happens, it’s okay becuase it can’t hurt you… you can progress a lot faster than by waiting until it happens to try and analyze it.

It’s easy to analyze a possible scenario in the day… if that scenario is suddenly in front of you as a monster it becomes a bit harder to do.


read positive threads, stay away from discussions about things you are afraid of… don’t read things where people talk about how negative entities are just waiting for you to exit your body to vampire your energy away…

i made that mistake and it severely messed with my dream/obe environemnts for a long time.

your mind puts what it learns and worries about into your dreams afterall… if you spent your whole day reading about plants you’d dream about plants… if you spent it reading scary obe stories from random people online… well…
there you go.

so immerse yourself in the positive until you get a hang of it.

and LDing is rather easy… all you need do is wake up from a dream early int he morning and focus on the last place you were with a desire to lucidly go back.

whoa whoa buddy, everyone’s different, and it’s definitely not easy for some people

it’s great it was so fast for you, but just because you had it easy doesn’t mean everyone else will too. plus i think it’s good for people to hear the failure stories as well as the success stories because that just reinforces the idea that there are far too many self-specific factors involved to have a concrete time period for success in lucid dremaing and motivates those who have lost hope because they’re having a difficult time

Aye! It’s nice to get that sort of encouragement (sp?) though.

Off topic:

Ofcourse, weird how you can sort of spin off topic and no relize it straight away. A new target has been set to relize when I am going to far off of topic.

I’m only just now “recovering”, in a sense. But my dream recall is now picking up. I’ve had 3 LDs this month, and it’s only the 11th. So i am doing quite well.

It never came fast for me. I would say I was about adverage. I understand that it takes some people longer. I was simply saying that reading negative topics can prolong the quest for lucidity, a factor that is best avoided.

This is where we differ then. I think it is much harder to get an LD. Reading I’ve had 800 LDs this month definatley encourages other people to have LDs.

Also, reading Dream Diaries, (expecially Pedro’s. Q’s, Moogles) will help to motivate you into remebering your dreams.

On topic: (lol)
I have this horrible fear of being aducted by aliens. I first joked about at DA (who wasn’t the least happy). Then later that day I saw a really scary alien aduction film. I guess it just stuck in my head. For now I’m even scared that aliens would meet me in an LD. I really don’t want to meet aliens, in RL, in ND, or in LDs. I really don’t want to come across this nightmare.

Technodreamer was just trying to point out that negative thoughts can imped a persons progress. If you read EWLD Labarge makes the point that lucid dreaming is easy and if you believe that it is hard then that makes it hard. (Not an exact quote but the basic idea).

We all learn by sharing our experiences with each other. Technodreamer was just sharing that when he read negative posts it had an impact on his progress.

Happy thoughts and Happy Dreaming.