Could it be possible to let another DC take over?

I was reading a topic here about a study done on whether or not a DC has consciosness and it showeed that a DC was capable of independant thinking.

So do you think it is possible to have a DC take over your body and/or mind for a tamporary or permanent period of time?

I was haveing MAJOR Deja Vue while writing this small thing :confused:

It depends on your social status, may not be a viable option if you have a heavy social thing. and if you work it may be impossible. But it may be possible, if they are independent.

Oh, this may go better in Beyond Dreaming, but I dunno.


Hmm, good question.

Well, I wouldn’t say DC’s are capable of independent thought, as they don’t even exist indepentently, but they can do things like fly, apparently. I guess simply allowing a DC to take over your body for a while would work. … c&&start=0

Thats the topic i was talking about

I would like to think they could and once i can get lucid dreaming working ill try it

I personally think DC’s are capable of independant thinking, but they are technically part of you. They’re created by your brain, so you really control them. To let them control you would be letting yourself control you, but you think you have no control. I don’t know, I guess it would be interesting to try, even more so if I was wrong.

it would maybe reset your personality some.

if you create a strong muscular DC, and tell him he is a superhuman strength machine… then you let him come into you/you come into him, and then you just let him do some working out until you wake up…

Do you mean in a LD?

No i mean IRL just something im curiouse about, my friend is going to try it to see if it’s possible.

I guess it’s possible, but in a weird “The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.” sort of way. I’m looking back in my DJ, and I found a ND that dealt with control a bit. Is this what you are somewhat referring to?:

Tons of dreamsigns here. The auditorium is brightly lit during classes, there are no bleachers in the auditorium, the music teacher is a woman, and most of all, I don’t take music during the summer.

Back to the topic: Obviously, in a ND you do not use your regular conscience. But it seemed like at the end of the dream, I lost my dream conscience. If this had been a LD, (and I actually decided to waste my time doing an improvisation test instead of flying), would this have been the loss of control you were talking about, assuming that either my music teacher or another student or the holy spirit of theater or whoever made me improvise?

The DC is a part of your sub-concious thought. A representation of what you think, weather that be yourself or a representation of someone else. It may have independant thought in the same way as say; someone with multiple personalities has independant thought with each character.

You will always appear as the character your brain recognises as yourself. You only have one independant thought process.

Then I would answer: of course. It’s what we are doing all the day: the DC we believe to be ‘me’ takes over our body and mind for a permanent period of time. :wink:

you are never your true self, you always have a persona mask on. so becoming a DC would be another persona. like the brosef above me said already

i was thinking about DC and i was thinking, there is a person in my dream that is no longer alive, what would happen if i allowed that dead DC that used to be alive in the real world enter my body/astral body? would they be alive in my dream and be able to experience life like they used to?

Interesting concept, but I do not think it is possible because of one of the principles I’ve found out while dreaming:

What happens in your dreams stay in your dreams.

The only thing you carry back with you is the memory (if you have decent DR), but any abilities you had, any people you’ve met, or any dialogue spoken, those things are all not real. In one of my dreams, a girl from school asked me out. But in real life, before and after that dream, she had a boyfriend. She didn’t suddenly become attracted to me because I dreamed it.

Your DC are made by your subconcious, so you aren’t really being ‘possesed’ . You’d just be being tricked by your subconcious really.