Could talking and/or interacting with DCs be a dream sign?

I’ve desperately searched for a dream sign in my journal, but have noticed no reoccurring pattern…except if you count talking to people. If not every night, then almost every night I seem to be exchanging some kind of dialogue with another person, whether it’s for a brief moment or for an extended period of time.

I’m sure since we all talk to people during the day, it makes sense that this would carry over into the dream. But has anyone tried to…use other people as a reality check?

Whenever I make myself aware in reality I kind of need to stop what I’m doing and really focus. I don’t think I can afford to do this in every conversation that I have. They’d look at me like O.o “Are you listening to me?” haha

Maybe you could try to do a memory check in every conversation. In a dream, you’re always in the middle of something, you can’t trace the events back to waking up. So if you simply ask yourself “What was I doing before?” during a conversation in waking life, that might make a good reality check without having to look like you’re spacing out on the other person/people.

I dunno if that’ll work, though. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

I don’t understand why people have a problem RCing in front of others. I just count my fingers or check a clock whenever I want. I’ll explain myself if I get weird looks and that’s it. You could use other people as a RC, go for it.

Some DCs have told me cryptic clues that I’m dreaming that have made me lucid a few times. But I think in those cases it was more about the connection between “That’s odd” and “Am I dreaming?”. I RC when something odd happens in WL like two black cats crossing the road ( actually happened a few days ago :razz: )

You could use a more subtle RC, rubbing your hands together, rubbing your thumb along the inside of your fingers (palm side), or popping your knuckles. They all check your sense of feeling.

Ok thanks guys! Sometimes I don’t need space out to do the reality check, but other times bringing on awareness takes more time and I really have to focus.

I kind of relate it to having super powers. They’re growing, but at first if I use it too much, I’ll tire myself out and they won’t work well.