Could this be just a coincidence?

I had a dream 2 nights ago that We played a card game (called Koogka (me and about 6-7 friends)). In RL we used to play this game some time ago but have not played it for months. Anyway so I dreamt that one of my friends Peter won the game.

Today I spoke to my friend Peter, who told me that LAST night him and those friends (the ones in my dream that often used to play) played a game of Koogka, and he won the game!

Probably a coincidence, i guess? Otherwise it could mean I dreamt a future event!? Never has this happened to me before although I’ve heard it might be possible.

Any opinions?


personally… i’m starting to not believe in coincidences. i think the word “coincidence” is used to discount a strange occurence as “random” and therefore unimportant. i think there’s something else going on in the background and these “coincidences” are just manifestations of it

Everything is interconnected. Words like ‘random’ and ‘coincidence’ are just used to explain things we don’t fully understand, if you ask me.

Read about a fantastic ‘coincidence’ the other day: identical twin women are both pregnant and are both expecting on the same day. But both are 10 days late and end up giving birth at the same time. ‘Coincidece’ does not do these things justice. :smile:

People seem to underestimate coincedence.

I roll two dice, and both turn up a six. Neither of them are conectected in any way. Yet they both turn up the same number. That is coincedence.

Take this, and apply it to EVRY single dream you remember. That’s alot of dreams. At least one of them (probally more) will have events that are very simmilliar that will unfold in a few days, quite likely the next day.

It should only be thought of as special if it happens to you alot, or is in stupidly acurate detail.

yes unless you believe that everything is predestined in which case, random/coincidence cannot exsist. However that thought is too depressing so lets move on.

I once dreamt of a room with 40’s wall paper and decor, a fire on the left wall (from entering the door) a bed on the same wall as the door. some other furnature a chair. In the dream i wrote a word in coffee on the wall near the fire. On the right wall were 2 windows.

Aprox. 3-5yrs later i was at work and realised the upstairs store room was the same room. The furnature and bed was obviously not there, the fire was still there, the carpet etc was removed. But some of the wall paper was still there, the same wall paper and as in the dream the word was on the wall “written” in coffee. The chair strangely enough was there and the windows were bricked up (but clear as to were they would have been)

  • In checking out the history of the building i can also tell you that prior to the 1980’s that room would have been used as a bedroom for the building owner.

Now is that coincidence or one of them strangely accurate few dreams that could be pre-cog? Or possibly post-cog? I will also meantion i have these dreams alot and also get alot of deja vú - i always check my dream diary on getting deja vú just incase.

So when i randomly shuffle cards i’m actually shuffling them into some predetermined order that i am not aware of? :wink: - i do believe these words are over-used alot, but they are often correct deffinitions too.


Well for those who don’t believe or think its no big deal, we havn’t played that card game for months, we stopped playing because we don’t have the time for it anymore.
Then I dreamt it one night, and they happened to play the card game the following night, with the same winner from my dream winning in RL.

I did dream a future event, wether it has relevance i dont know, but its true.

Dark Matter: I believe you 100%. Its like our minds know more than us, (strange to say because our mind is us). But as my signature reads, until we control our minds we won’t know for sure.


To quote the chapter ‘Recognising the Divine Finger’ in William Dembsky’s “Intelligent Design”:

"There is an asymmetry between tying a course of action to a sign and tying it to no sign. Consider the following:

“I present to you, God, this offering of cookies and milk. If you want me to eat them for you, please give me no sign. [loud thunder] Since it’s raining outside, I expected the thunder. Thank you for giving me no sign. [powerful earthquake] Since we live on a geological fault, mild tremors aren’t out of the ordinary. Thanks for giving me no sign. [radio comes on unexpectedly and the announcer describes the carcinogenic effects of cookies and milk] This part of the country is known for weird atmospheric disturbances, so thanks for giving me no sign. [loud voice exclaims, “Homer, you big dummy, this is God - don’t eat those cookies and milk!”] Whoa. Back in my teenage years I used to drop acid. I’ve had flashbacks and weird mystical experiences ever since. So, God, thank you for giving me no sign. Amen”

What’s wrong with this prayer? Certainly it seems that Homer is rationalizing away a whole series of signs. By asking for the absence of a sign to confirm eating the cookies and milk, Homer is equivalently asking for a sign to disconfirm eating the cookies and milk. Such signs seem to have been given to him in abundance, and yet Homer rationalizes each of them. Here is the problem: Homer fails to specify a sign. Thus any putative sign that comes along is easily rationalized."

He then goes on to say that, if one does not have direct access to the sign giver, the sign would also have to be very specific and also extra-ordinary.

Now, to something that happened to me. On this very messageboard I was involved in a debate regarding the nature of consciousness and felt I had figured out something very important regarding the non-physical aspect of it and the consequences this would have. During a post I felt the urge to seek a sign from a typing mistake (by putting it into google and clicking on the first thing that came up) and received the line that is now my signature (and philosophy for life!).

Also a similar example to the one Dark Matter and stranger forwarded, regarding the dream-reality interaction: I dreamt I was in a beautiful valley with a river running through it and was told by a voice over I was “in the land of krisna”. The next time I saw my friends who are into hare krisna somewhat, the first story the guy read out was about a person permitted to visit the land of krisna in his dreams. I then told them of my dream and was shown a picture of ‘krisna’s land’ which featured a river running through it!

Rolling two 6’s on a dice is comparatively unspecific and insufficiently extraordinary. Saying “I’m going to roll 6’s now” and rolling 50 pairs of sixes would be in the same league as the above events.

Keep those eyes and ears peeled for signs! :wink:

“So when i randomly shuffle cards i’m actually shuffling them into some predetermined order that i am not aware of? - i do believe these words are over-used alot, but they are often correct deffinitions too.”

Well, if you shuffled the cards exactly as you had before you would get the same outcome. Its exactly like when people call coin-tosses ‘random’. They do in fact obey all the laws of physics and if you perfectly recreated a shuffle/coin toss you’d get the same result.

Only the fact that such intricately complex interactions are taking place (a “predetermined order that i am not aware of”) leads us to call them ‘random’. Although quantum physics actually makes everything I said above invalid!

Something must be aware of everything going on though…

Wow man,
that dream about the land of krisna, is really amazing,

thats all I can say,

and thankyou for confirming my story


What happened to you was real and only you can confirm it to yourself.

However, I know it can definately help to hear from people who have had similar things occur. :smile: It also helps me to think that people of all faiths and of no faiths have these experiences, so it would make no sense for me to shave my hair, buy a tamborine and run off with the hare’s (although I am now doing one round a day on the prayer beads. Least I can do considering he let me visit his place!)

As for Dark Matter’s dream: the writing is quite literally on the wall for the skeptics there. :happy:

That’s a VERY interesting book that I JUST bought… Talk about coincidences… :wink:

lol It certainly is! Chapter 6 gets a bit heavy going though…

there are afew religions that believe that we r all apart of one great whole, and that all knowledge and experience is shared. i believe this to an extent. it explains alot…besides, saying something is a coincidence is just lazy person’s way out of trying to understand life and it events…just my opinion.

People need to read innumeracy by John Allen Paulos, which mentions precognitive dreams.

Short entertaining book, deals a lot with chance, coincidence, gambling and risk.

However the most interesting thing is that the author went on to ignore all his own best advice, and rationally held beliefs, and lost a fortune after he started speculating on the stock market.

So even if really people know the underlying rational truth, it doesn’t stop their feelings overriding that knowledge.


I don’t believe in coincidence. I do believe in precognative dreaming. I do believe dreams and what we call coincidences contain direction, messages, or information we need in some way. I have been participating in precog dream experiments over at Sea Life.

Ah well, we all have to find what feels like truth for ourselves. To think everything is predestined seems like missing the magic to me. :neutral: There is so much energy and magic in everything if you watch for detail! So much joy! If I may ask, where does your joy come from, if you think you are following a script that can’t be changed? :eek: What is your interest in dreaming?

I believe this is where free will comes in. To know a truth and live it or ignore it is your choice. Your choice. Your will. Your wish. Your dream. Let your mind and eyes and ears be open and watch for those signs and the magic. :peek: