Could this benefit me for WILD

Alright last night i tried WILD to no avail however i did get a small feelign of WILD but i lost it this is what i did. I was laying on my bed doing suneye method with my eyes closed, suddenly i started seeing like slow moving shadows in my eyes prolly from looking at my eye lids, then i started to focus on the shadows and they started to move around a lot of looked like waves moving,
its weird i had to keep my eyes not totally shut but on the verge of opening them to see more of these shadows, so from holding my eyes in this position of mostly closed but not tigghly my eyes started to twitch as if in REM, and then the shadows took a lil form of a figure but not really almost you know? it scared me a lil but i said jus concentrate its not real, then my body started to feel real weird um like a heavy feeling like if i was kinda sinkning into my bed, then i saw a super small red ball thing that lasted for about a millisecond and came about twice soon i couldnt keep the shadows going and i lost my feeling and the shapes? could i learn to get LUCID through concentrating on these shapes moving under my eyes? any thoughs?

Well these shapes are the hypnogagic imgs if im not wrong(correct me if i am). They are the responsible to make you sleep without knowing it. Anyway this is what happened to me today, well i’ve posted a brief in another topic of you.

I got to my bed, after that i just started doing WILD but instead of concentrating in my bed i just started to have these wondering thoughts normally(which i don’t recommedn) but having this particular thought; but each 10 seconds remembering me that i was in my bed.

Some time has passed, i felt some low vibrations,tingling in my hands,legs, eye twitching,hypnagogic imgs which were composed of shadows,flashes,even sinking. After all that i gave up, and then i got this feeling of “knowingness” that i could enter my dream, when i did i felt this fast motion while entering. After that i just felt when my astral body returned to my body after this dream.

You’re quite right. :tongue: The repetitively moving and rotating shadows and the tiny bright dot IZ describes are called phosphenes indeed. But don’t worry, a lot of people there makes the same confusion. :wink:
Hypnagogic imagery is more elaborated, you can see faces, landscapes, etc. Most of the time, they last very few: when you notice them, they generally disappear.
Focusing on phosphenes and HI is commonly used by WILDers. Moreover, some people say that, when you zoom into a bright phosphene, you soon get HI and it can be used in order to enter in a LD. But you need some training (a week or two) in order to masterize this technique.

Hm so i guess its a good thing i get these almost everytime i go to sleep if i jus focus into the blackness of my eye lids, dam if i get good at this it could be an awsome way to master LD’s. What should i do to practice?

I guess learning to concentrate upon these dots. I haven’t practice that technique but i think it can’t be that hard.

I am lucky too I guess. I get these alot as well. I was kinda hoping that I could get some direction, links or maybe a guide as to where I can learn to “zoom in” on these “phosphenes”.

Basilus, where did you learn about these phosphenes and how to zoom in on them? Could you post up some links for us, please?

I found this in a french LD book. I’ll make a translation of the interesting passages as soon as possible !

Always google for stuff you dont know :smile:… for example:

You can use these HI for WILD, if you focus on them and let your imagination “play around” with it, at a certain point the phosphenes may become coherent images (dreamlike). This can go pretty fast (can happen to me for example when I wake at night) as HI might jump to coherent pictures and movie like scenes pretty fast. This doesnt mean you’re in a LD yet but this stage means you’re at least on the right track. It’s important to relax enough and keep focussing on the HI without too much distraction.

Im curious what you read about this phenomenon Basilus, good idea to post the translation here! :smile:

Whenever I am completely awake, and i try to wild, the best thing i can get is an extremely relaxed body (body feels a bit floating and bigger than it actually is… but no SP), and maybe some simple HI (not images)

But if I wake up in the night, and I immediatly try to go to sleep again (not allowing myself to completely wake up)… i often/sometimes get an electric vibrating feeling, and i can direct my floating body… (and then I feel my body in bed again, i believe its a failed-wild-dream and that im not actually awake, altough im often convinced im awake)

I think best way to WILD is when you wake up (in the middle of the night) go immedialty back to sleep again (without allowing yourself to become fully aroused)… instead of WBTB
the advantage is that you skip the “relax your body” and the “look at the HI:o” part

I made a new thread about WILD and phosphenes recapitulating Xetrov’s technique and what I found on my book.