could you Go BACK into your last LD?

so my last LD was so awesome. I took a nap, then when going back to sleep (btw, naps are HUUUUUUUGE! and brings your chances to become Lucid in a dream to at least a 70%), went back to sleep, and became lucid. I was talking to someone laying down and then guess where I was when I looked in front? a mountain with snow. I guess I was sitting on the opposite mountain, and the one staring back at me was very tall and filled with snow. it was a white and grey mountain. then I looked up and only saw whiteness like fog. I got scared for a moment because I started thinking of avalanche and 2012 apocalypse I been seeing in the media around the 2012 year. so i ejected and woke up.

the experience was so amazing that I WANT TO GO BACK! matter of fact, I was lucid for a while, and felt like I was going to be lucid for a while. I didn’t struggle to remain in the dream like I normally do, and I myself ended the experience. never happened before. this only happened when I OBEed since I got terrified half the time. but with LDs, I never had bad thoughts and things are always familiar since they are just dreams.

anyway, did you ever go back into your old LD before? because in my next LD, my 2nd goal would be to find this mountain I was on again. If I don’t, I won’t stop searching.

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It’s entirely possible. In fact, some techniques like DEILD are based on jumping back into the same dream right after waking up. If not DEILD, I have found it is not too hard to go back into a dream once lucid. Just go through a door, round a corner, do whatever, but tell yourself that as soon as you do it, you’ll be back in that dream.

Just ask the the dream that you want to go back to the previous one. Think about that dream and it will happen.

Or use one of the techniques that Rhewin wrote, example create a door and expect to walk into the previous dream when going through the door. Works for me.

Good luck!

I’ve done it. I wanted to prove to the dream characters that I was dreaming. I told them I would momentarily disappear and would come back. (I wasn’t actually sure that I would return, but stayed confident.) Lo and behold, I briefly awoke, remained very still and kept my eyes closed and mentally ‘felt’ for the dream. I bumped back into it onto the floor. The DCs were staring at me with their jaws on the floor. I asked them what had happened and they said I’d fizzled out to nothing.