couldnt move in ld

hi there
im kinda new to the whole ld thing, just tried a couple of realitychecks after reading about it on the internet a few weeks ago. i gave up quickly with no results, and only find myself from time to time asking myself “am i dreaming?-of course not”. however, last saturday afternoon, i took a nap.
suddenly, i looked into my room, thinking to be still awake, and saw a little white puppy walking by. DREAM! a very exciting moment. im not familiar with all the terms used in the ld discussion, but i think it was a wild, cuz before falling asleep, i focused on the upcoming dream, and there was no “downtime” between really being awake and the moment i looked into my room, seing the white puppy. the “dreamworld” got very detailed that moment, and higly realistic, although somewhat strange and over-intense. within a second, i had reached full consciousness. i remembered the things i read on how to stay lucid etc and how to make it a good thing. however, now comes my problem. i could not move. i felt my body as if it was a stone. honestly, that sucked. any hint from a professional here? i mean i was fully aware of the situation, but could not do anything. i took look around in my “dreamroom”, but spent the entire next minute or so trying to move, until i woke up. thx for help.

hey your our 5000th member arent you? and this is your first post :smile:, Welcome Bummsel! you coldnt move? uhhh… can’t help too much here as I am clearly not a professional but…
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It’s quite simple, you thought you were in a dream, but you were only half way there… you were in sleep paralysis. This phenomenon is usually associated with the WILD technique. Sometimes during a lucid dream you get “paralyzed” and that’s because your mind has the same sort of memory lapse you get when you experience deja vu and then forgets whether your physical body is rendered paralyzed or not so it can’t walk around, thus having to paralyze it again which puts you back into the state of sleep paralysis. Hopefully that was easy for you to understand :wink:. Anywho, I know it sucks, it’s happened to me before to but only happens to me like every 1/20 lucid dreams at the very most! IF you don’t really like this state and want to do your best to avoid it, do the MILD method instead of WILD. :smile: Happy lucid dreaming!

I don’t know if this was sleep paralysis. The person explained that they were looking through a window and realized it was a dream. But could not move. That must mean they were in a state with an astral body. Atleast it seems so. But maybe you are right, don’t know. Its hard to tell without actually experiencing it. I guess the whole WILD thing would make a lot of sense at that point. But if you were in the middle of a dream and you became lucid, that is just recognizing dream signs, which is also very good. Glad you experienced this, maybe you won’t give up so easily this time. :smile:

i had another experience last night: i suddenly realized that i was dreaming. it was some really weird story inside my house. once lucid, i walked into the bathroom and took a look into the mirror.
still not being aware of the proper techniques to use in order to stay lucid somewhat longer, i lost lucidity…my mirror-image was a nice thing anyway :smile:)
this time, i didnt even thought about moving, i just did it. however, during my first experience, the dreamworld was far more detailed…

5000th user and 2 medium lds within 3 weeks after starting to try it. am i lucky or what? :cool_laugh:

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thats wierd… i think its happend because you were too excited (after all its your first LD)
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