Couldn't wake up from LD

I’ve just had an LD a few days ago. It was an unintentional LD. Before I had the LD, I was already awoke from a normal deep sleep. I woke at about 8am and slept again at 10am… this is where I had experience LD at daylight.

I realised I was in a dream because the dream started in the same bedroom, only that the environment was ‘strange’. Its hard to describe but I just kind of know I was in a dream. The funny thing is, I had a few series of LD that day, and between each LDs, I awoke to an SP (I think I was in SP because I couldn’t move a single muscle), but I didnt open my eyes (its just my behavior of waking up…i never open my eyes straight away). A few seconds later, I felt a huge pressure on my head, as if something is trying to escape from inside my head… and when the pressure becomes too intense… I was shot back into another version of LD… started in the same bedroom again, but a different story (it was up to me, right? lol)… I had about 10 series of LDs that day, including a few FAs (False Awakenings) before I started to get frustrated because I just need to get up (I was supposed to attend an event in the afternoon). At some point in the dream, I even prayed hoping that someone would wake me up!

Thanks to my phone call, I finally able to be awake. I felt so relieved that I was not trapped in the dreams anymore. The pressure I felt on my head was very strange, its like it doesnt want me to be awake and just keep shooting me back into my dream. But the LDs I had was very interesting anyway…

Has anyone experience something similar?
(ps: I was sleeping on my side back then)
(pss: This is my first LD after I had one when I was a little kid)

Wow… that’s a lot of LD’s in just one night. I can’t say I’ve ever been that lucky–most I’ve had in one night is two. But I’m guessing you didn’t feel quite as lucky.

If you ever get into that situation again and need to wake up, I recommend trying to shock yourself awake. For example, fall from a great height. The shock of the impact might just wake you up.

Thx for the reply Kashmir. I was also surprised myself. I’ll take that as a hint in case i got into the same situation again… but… i’m not pretty sure myself if i would just let myself fall from great height. i think i’d be flying up again before i hit the ground. lol…

anyway, I browsed through the forum and I found out about something u all call as MBTB method?? and it hit me… because i think my unintentional LD was induced by this method! like i said, i woke up at 8… use the computer for like 2 hours and went back to sleep (my initial intention was just having a nap). Then I had the LD.

Its really interesting to figure out things from the website and forum about the LD experience I had a few days ago. I run through the site and thought… “hey… that’s true!”… again and again. and im now really convinced of all these… interesting…

wow! dude. thats some strnage things…lol. :smile: i would be so freaked out if i experienced SP …but I still want an LD :sad: