countdown to new layout ( 0! ) *dundundun* standby

That little square icon next to the url in the address bar.

oh hehe


oo new layout, that should be cool :happy: Q has always done such a wonderful job with this site, I’ve no doubt the new look will be just as great :content:

:anx: What did the old favicon look like? I’m afraid I don’t see the difference. It looks like this: :ld4all: in my address bar.

that is the old one.

that’s the new one. You might have to ctrl+F5 to force refresh.

they both look the same to me

is there a slight shadow on the new one? they do basically look the same

Original was completly yellow, right? This has a more red, yellow then blue hue. :smile:

Original looked like the little pupil/eye in here:


i notice a difference to the favicon

now it is techniocolored!!!

it’s amazing

:cry: Well, I am colorblind, but not that much…
Maybe it hasn’t changed for me yet, for some reason.

it DID take a while to change for me

or maybe you ARE that colorblind

psst… your avatar is black and white btw… :razz:

Interesting… I wonder how it will look!!

The current layout is awesome so I wonder how good this next one must be!!!

Just a facelift or phpbb 3?

facelift :content:

well… body lift and liposuction and some heavy cosmetic surgery :razz:

also new mods and functionality added. Some will be hardly noticable but they make things run more smoothly :smile:

I dont know if its too late or not to mention this… but i think that a search feature in the memberlist part of the site would be a great addition.

rather than having to click next page 100 times to get to the part that you are looking for.

anyway just thought id bring it up.

and i think that even if the Favicon (new to my vocab) is the only thing that is changed about the site, then the new vamp looks great! lol

not to late at all, check the feedback forum for feature requests topic :wink:

prob is that i haven’t found a good mod yet that does that.

thanks for the reminder though :grin:

Then is there a mod that at least sorts them alphabetically? I mean, you can choose symbols, 0-9, A, B, C…

…and not page 2066, 2067, 6500?

i found a search mod and it works :boogie:

unfortunately i can’t have search and sort on alphabet (tried installing them both but they are incompatible with each other)
so i chose for the search option.

i also remember now why i hadn’t added it upto now… i was avoiding changes in the memberlist because someone cough was helping me doing something :tongue: *waves to the one i’m talking about :tongue: not that he’ll read this probably :tongue:

The old one looked like this: :ld4all:

*thinks Q should change that one or keep it here as a memory to this layout =p *

Whoo!!! thanks Q!!