countdown to new layout ( 0! ) *dundundun* standby

I’ve been working hard on a new design/layout for LD4all.

And it will come online soon! :hurray:

It should be online between today and 16 days… can’t promise a date.

Just a heads up so you aren’t suddenly scared. Well, you should always do a RC when you see strange things :tongue:

in the beginning it might seem a bit messy and you will probably get error messages and such while i’m transferring everything into the new look.

/me can’t wait.

Hopefully it will all smooth out quickly :colgate:

And it looks terribly cool! :cool:

/me thinks everyone will love it :smile:

I wonder if the end version will have BKC, and if it does, what the theories about it will be like.

Yay :twirl: ~!

Can’t wait to see it. :smile:

It’s easily my favorite layout that I’ve seen on the site.

I can’t wait to see it



It looks awesome :cool:

I’m really looking forward to seeing it :hyper: :hurray:

just another stage in the life of ld4all.

cant wait :smile:

wait so the background is going to be different?

:woot: I can’t wait to see it.
I’ve had two different dreams about the new layout. :happy:

/me tries to break the new layout…

/me wonders if his avatar could be the same as… evil
/me walks away winking at Q :razz:



um…besides my little fit up there, i hope it will look a bit modern and not as new-age-ish.

I see you updated the favicon for ld4all :wink:

Or is that because I was elsewhere too. hmm

Mhm, just noticed too, looks awesome! :smile:

Yes, LD4all is going web 2.0 :wink:

I saw that as well. Immediately, I thought, “Wow, the new layout is finished already?” And while I was looking forward to it, I was afraid I’d lose the recent PM I sent myself. :tongue:

I can’t wait to see the new look. A bit of change is always nice, and I know Q will do a fantastic job. :grin:

That won’t happen. :tongue:

At worst qu will close the forum and backup the database, at best she will be able to switch the styles without even haven’t to turn off the forum at all.

yup, no pm’s etc will be lost. I’ll close the forum for a short while and backup the database since i’ll need to add some database changes as well. But it should be very quick.

yes, consider the favicon a tiny sneak preview of what is to come.

k im just going to say it…

whats a favicon…


i second that