Couple of questions

So it’s almost 1 a.m. here. I decided to ask for suggestions , get as much help as possible before trying WILD again.

Can a dream occur right after you go into deep sleep?

What’s your best method for telling your mind to calm down and accomplish what it’s trying to do?

My mind is always thinking, never calm, I’ll come up with the most random information at the most random times. The thing is, ever since 2nd grade ( I remember 2nd grade don’t know if it really was 2nd grade ) , I’ve had a tendency to talk in my head to myself. He’s name is Drake (Thus the reason I use the nick-name online), my friend (only person in the world who’ve I told this to) says it’s my conscious that I’m talking to. I thought that all they did was make you feel good/bad not help you solve problems like mine does. I don’t know if I should aim to work with him or aim to shut him down while I try to sleep.

Also I have tried two WILDs. Both of them I got to the point where I couldn’t feel anything in my body (My hands were on top of each other and I couldn’t feel either all I could feel was the rhythm of my breathing). The first time, I tried to shut down Drake, the 2nd time, I tried to work with him. Both ended in failure. It felt like I was in that state of no feeling for about 5 minutes both times. Then they both failed.

I have high motivation , and I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I am a fast sleeper, because I feel that if I put my mind to it I can change from either sleeping instantly or to sleeping calmly. I don’t know, like I said before, my mind never rests.

Tips please. :tongue:

It is possible but it is an extremly rare occurence, this contributes heavily to why WILD can’t be preformed easily at the beginning of the night.

Did you reach a point where it was difficult or immpossible to move, that is where I find it is easy to get up out of your ral body into the dream world.

If you are shutting down ‘drake’ that is obviously a part of you, you are just shutting ‘yourself’ out, so my idea would be to work with him, I just don’t hope this voice tells you things that isn’t good. But of course i bet he doesn’t since he helps you and all.
I usually try WILD right off when i go to bed, I have come close, and even had 2 small LD’s. But they didn’t last for very long cause i got excited when i got lucid, but yes, you can have a LD right off to bed. But you need to be a little tired.

When you are going into sleep your subconscious pups up with random things, so thats just normal, but if you work with it you can change that. Before i would have a lot of random things pupping up in my mind when i was going to sleep, but now lately i have developed a method to skip that, the first thing i do when i go to bed, and remember I am usually always very tired when i go to bed to this works easily. I just kinda say to my mind to remove all garbage or not in my head, so for some seconds this images pups up like i was watching a bad movie with no meaning. This goes really fast so i don’t really get to see anything.

And by the way it isn’t really too good to have a busy mind, or a loud voice inside your head all the time, it can lead to schizophrenia, I dont know if this Drake guy is another person in your head, but i would suggest you try to, not block him out, but use him only when you need it, if you are under a lot of stress your mind is also very busy…
Keywords: Meditation (this helps a lot for a clearer mind and more disciplined, and even helps you to get LD’s if you take it to another level) Take some time for yourself, take some time to walk in some park or whatsoever, just try to feel the nature (if you have any where you live), this helps me a lot with a calm mind.

While doing WILD next time just try to not affect anything, just go with the flow, if nothing happens for 10minutes, be patient and wait. It will come. And if you see anything, like images of something, don’t try to affect it or change it. Not yet. And if those images go away, then you know you are close, so don’t be upset, they will come back again. Motivation and patients is the key for LD :smile:

Good luck.

And my view on that thing… If you are having a voice in head, that tells things independednt from you, i’d not try lucid dreaming. I am not too acquainted with that kind of things, but i guess, that voice, Drake might be a schizophrenia. In that case LDing might cause problems, like a worst thing that could happen - trought that you are dreaming in reality. Then you’d try to do a things that would cause your death (like jumping from a high place: look, people i can fly… splash). I’d recommend to read[url=] THIS[url] topic, as warning. There is also a chanse that Drake will change into more evil voice and… hm, it would cause you to even kill someone. Voices are not a safe thing. On your place i’d do a research to be sure that you’re not schizophreniac.

Eventually, according to a main question, if you are 100% sure that you dont have schizophrenia I’d try to stay so calm as it’s possible. If Drake is a part of you, that means you can control him. If so, you can make him shut up. Then you’ll could perform WILD. If you couldnt do that, try MILD.

He’s done nothing but help me my entire life. Also he’s never had full control of me, the only kind of control he can do is motivation. I’ve been thinking about trying to meditate to not shut him down but to fusing him with my actual mind (If that is possible). Hmm, but like you said, doing some research might be good first. I’ll make sure to ask around town and read some more on it , in the mean-time, I guess I’ll sleep like any other day. Until I figure it out.

That sounds frighteningly like schizophrenia, especially that part about how he has never had full control of you but can influence motivation. A voice in your head motivating you probably isn’t a good thing and I would highly recommend doing some research.

um i wouldn’t do that, because even if it isn’t physically possible, it may put a placebo on you and make you think it worked so it “will” fuse with your mind, and that might cause you to do odd things that you expect “Drake” to make you do

Article on hearing voices

When 1 in 25 people hear voices in their head, it shouldn’t be too much to worry about. But why would you want to ‘fuse him with your actual mind’? Is it because you want more control over him? As mentioned earlier he might, as a placebo, get more control over YOU.

You say that your mind never rests? You don’t want it to rest in a WILD anyway; you want it to stay awake. Your body should fall asleep, and you mind should stay awake. You could try asking questions to Drake, some math stuff would be nice. Just to stay alert. :wink:

The article you found is absolutely great, Lucid Viking! :cool_laugh: Congrats! :clap:
I’m working on another forum with a parapsychologist/psychologist. He said too that this was more common than believed. Though it may be a symptom of schizophrenia, many “normal” people commonly experienced voices in their head.
(For instance, I just remember that Socrates said he often heard a little voice that was helping him.)

I suppose that it must be similar to auditory HH, but awake. :confused:

I’m going to see a phsycatrist on the subject soon, I’ve been staying away from the forums so that I won’t get tempted to try it again :razz:. But yea, I’m going to ask her more on the subject.

Also, the whole thing about fusing with drake, it is because I want complete control over my mind.

i seriously wouldn’t “fuse” your mind with Drake because of the Placebo effect. Maybe you could just try to expel him from your mind… Somehow

Yeah, I’ve heard of people hearing voices in their head, and it actually improves their lives, because it serves as a motivational tool. Like, “Keep going, buddy!” or something like that would be heard in one of these people. Pretty excellent.

If you had schizophrenia, you would know something is up. Like it literally makes you feel bad most of the time, atleast for the type of schizophrenia I have. Schizophrenia is actually a really broad definition, because it is really a massive spectrum of disorders. Anyways, this concludes our broadcast day.

EDIT: whoa, ok you talk to a voice in your head. Yeah, go for the psychiatrist. May as well know, and treatment for schizophrenia is generally pretty simple. 70% of the time a simple pill system works pretty well. That is, unless you want to continue your relationship with him. Then, I don’t know man, hehe.