Crappy Work Shedule

5 am - 1 pm

i have to wake at 3:45 in order to wake up for work, and usually take a nap when i get home. My loud alarm wakes me up and i usually cant remember anything. Should i just concentrate on napping and like, um i dunno. My dreaming is suffering badly. help and stuff.

Wow, and I though MY schedule was bad :eh: . However the advantage is you have the whole afternoon so you can try naps then. Did you know afternoon naps are excellent for lucid dreams? So you may keep the LD-ambitions for the naps and use the night for getting some basic rest (deep sleep). This way you practice a very extended version of the succesful wake-back-to-bed-method :smile: .

Also, with your naps try to get all the sleep you need. For example if you need 7 hrs to be well-rested and you only manage to get 6 hrs try to add an hour. Long and well-remembered dreams usually only come when you have slept long enough to be somehow rested. The human body has its priorities.