Crazy dreams when you were sick?

I’ve heard that many people have had crazy/extremely vivid/awesome dreams when they’re sick. As for me, once I hit the bed I’m completely knocked out. :tongue:
Do you guys notice any differences with your dreams when you get sick?

I’m currently bored and would love to hear some interesting experiences you guys had, while you were sick in bed. Please feel free to post some. (Can be LDs, NDs doesn’t matter!)

Sorry if I posted this at the wrong section :shy: .

I don’t know about that. When I’m sick, I’m too conscious of my agony to make good of any of my dreams. The only thing similar, is that when I have terrible headaches, my dreams are just flashy colors, dumb music, and utter nonsense.

I haven’t been sick since I was 9 years old :tongue: trying to keep it that way… sorry

Me, too. That’s what fever dreams were to me for every time I got sick for 22 years.

Then last month I got struck by the worst flu I ever had in my life. My dreams are usually vivid, but when I slept, the images of the dream just seemed to ooze, “Please believe us! We’re totally real!!!” I’m recalling a plot now where these Men In Black tried to create an illusionary reality that I couldn’t escape from, so I was so close to becoming lucid. But also so far, because those details were wicked vivid.

It was a beach, then a jungle, then cartoon animals singing to me. I think I partially woke up at one time because I remember being in my bed and the cartoon tigers and lions were still there. I wish I could remember the tune, I only remember that it was really really high and catchy.

Wow damn; thats a crazzy streak.

I got sick like once a year before I stated being really active, but now that I run 70+ miles a week with a MUCH better diet I haven’t been sick at all in the last three years, except for a cold following a serious bout of overtraining and poor eating.


Yeah that’s impressive… I do a bit of workout and some running myself but… wow

Yea, it started a few years back when I was in H.S. and was pretty out of shape (5’9", 190) and couldn’t even do a mile in under 8 minutes. So I said “screw this” and started running some.

At first I HATED it, I mean every little 2 or 3 mile run felt like an eternity of torture. After like 6 months I got used to it, and it was tolerable, but not enjoyable. Eventually I headed off to college and one time the treadmills weren’t available so I said forget it and went outside to run. It was a massive change, the enjoyment factor went up by like 5. Running went from something I had to do to something I enjoyed.

Then I came across this video and my mind was blown. The idea of running 4:40 miles for a marathon blew my mind. I wanted to run like that. Started reading about how to get faster and realized I had to run more than 3 miles a day. As I started increasing mileage I started enjoying running more and more. It became something I really loved to do and running high mileage became a foregone conclusion because not only did I want to be faster, but I loved running in and of itself.

And while 70+ mpw might sound like a lot, its usually not even an hour and a half of running per day. The key really is just running the right pace. 95% of people run way to hard when they go out to run. For instance if you can run a seven minute mile your runs should probably be between 9:15 and 9:45 min/mile pace. Most training runs should be legitamately easy at a nice conversational pace.

I fully agree with this. While I don’t get any (more than normal) crazy stuff in my dreams when I’m sick, I have a pretty nice DR at those times. It may even go up from none to 5 dreams a night, which is pretty great.

Still not worth going through all of it when awake just to be able to enhance the non-awake part. :sad:

When I’m sick and lying in bed all day then I have these typical feverish dreams that don’t make sense at all. But with the constant mini awakenings in between due to the sickness itself, it gets really hard to tell apart reality and dream for the time I spend in bed. But the dreams are just too nonsensual to be fun actually, plus the agony of the disease itself :tongue:
But afterwards it can be interesting to review what my thoughts were about when I wasn’t able to focus on anything with the power of mind itself, but had to just let it run.

about a month or so ago I went to bed with a headache/extreamly tired and ended up haveing a very good quailty obe/ld.

Again about 2 weeks after this I woke with a headache and decided to go back to sleep and again had a nice ld.

I’m sick right now and I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. My thoughts were all over the place lol. My dreams were a combination of day-dreams and real dreams. I closed my eyes, viualized some random stuff, opened my eyes and BAM, it’s the morning !
I was half conscious when I dreamed, I KNEW this was all fake and in my head but I though I was only day-dreaming, but I wasn’t >_>

God, one of my worst dreams ever when I was sick. I had a dream that was like a game. It lasted twenty minutes each, and you had to try to hypnotise people to go to sleep. After the twenty minutes, I woke up, and only a minute would have gone by. Then I would close my eyes, and the process would keep on going.

It was a long night.

Odd, I’ve always heard of sick and fever dreams, but I don’t remember any dreams from when I was sick. I suppose they’re either normal as far as my dreams go, or I don’t remember any.

I don’t remember hardly any either- the only ones I do remember are more blurry and random…

When I was younger, I never had very vivid dreams, except when I was sick. When I was three years old I had an extremely high fever and I kept having dreams of bugs crawling all over me. When I was awake, I had hallucinations of bugs on me, but when I was asleep I dreamed that I actually saw them. It was awful. The fever didn’t last long, but it was terrifying. I now have arachnophobia; anytime I see a spider (or even just a really creepy insect, I guess) I start freaking out and sometimes even hallucinating again.

So, a random and long story just to say that yes, I have had some pretty freaky dreams when I am sick :tongue: I still have them today, just not as vivd or dramatic.

It’s not uncommon for me to have extremely intense dreams from time to time without any direct external causes. I have noticed that my dreams become distinctive when I am ill. They tend to become more intense and more random, as do my thoughts actually. If I let my mind lose to wander it will race from impossible concept to impossible concept. For example I might think of a random piece of music, then a guy stood in a field with his arms outstretched, then suddenly that guy is a scarecrow, then the field is a pasture surrounded by trees, then a lake is nearby… etc etc. The image in my focus mutates in unsettling or impossible ways sometimes into entirely unrelated concepts which ‘feel’ linked, my dreams are usually similar.

I actually think i get LD easily when sick, dunno

:happy: that’s all pretty interesting guys. I recently read some online article about how being sick affected dreams. Well I found out that body temperature plays a major role on the types of dreams we have. It also causes hallucinations. So people that are sick with a fever tend to have crazy/strange dreams or hallucinations because of their fever messing with their body temperature. I don’t know if anyone knew that before :tongue: , just something interesting I came across. And of course medication tends to mess with dreams with all the different chemicals and what not.
Now I’m curious to see what would happen if I experiement with my body temps!

Hope you’re feeling better joyness Panda! I just recovered from a cold that lasted about a week.

@Mickaroo13- Oh wooww that just reminds me of the time I dreamt of a GIANT mosquito right in my face…it was so detailed I have no idea how I knew how it looked and everything…it was so gross :sad: . It was also the time I tried to sleep on a different position on my bed, I remember my mum telling me that sleeping in that specific position caused nightmares…and lo and behold I had a nightmare after like…5 years :tongue: .