Create a New Color While LDing!!

[title]Create a New Color While LDing!![/title]

[com]If you are LDing and your eyes are not active, would it be possible for you to create a new color? Have any of you ever attempted this? Or ever accomplished it for that matter. If you haven’t, I hope you try it.[/com]

EDIT: [color=blue]So here we have a spectrum of all of the visable light and[/color] [color=darkred]c[/color][color=green]o[/color][color=orange]l[/color][color=violet]o[/color][color=brown]r[/color][color=darkblue]s[/color] [color=blue]we know.[/color]

[color=red]As you can see here, all visible light falls in between infrared waves and ultraviolet waves. Our eyes in the waking life can only pick up that small set, of infinite amounts of color. Who is to say that our eyes can only perceive that section in our sleep? We may be able to, in our sleep, expand/broaden the view that we sense.[/color]

I suppose a note on this is that, the definition of a color is what we compare it to, so perhaps creating a substance/object that we can correlate with a new color with would be a proactive way of accomplishing this.

I found this qoute from

[color=green]So in our dreams, should we not be limited by the senses, we should be able to create octarine, or any color for that matter. Don’t you agree?[/color]

[color=darkblue]blue[/color], [color=blue]"of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky".[/color]

The reason we would not be able to describe a made up color, is because we have nothing to compare it too. Although we could, also in theory, compare it to things that we don’t know the color of. Such as subatomic particles. It would still be something for ourselves to compare it too. Something without a color. Something not bound by the laws that govern waves.

I’m not sure…But I suppose anything is possible. I’m sure you could dream up a color that’s a mix of all colors, but it’s not black. Your imagination would have to work here.
for me, I know it’s possible to create “good colors” and “bad colors”.
Good colors make you feel good, bad ones make me feel scared, sad or anxious.

well this is not true, I have seen things in dreams I have never seen IRL. And I see colors in my dreams I can’t reproduce in real life so yes, it would be possible. Primary color I wouldn’t know, (eg yellow, blue or red – a new one), but why not, you would just have to try.

I would think that it would take many trys, and a lot of will power. I don’t care how long it takes, I am going to do this. :content: Others reading this, try it with me if you want. t(^_^t)
Post your success/failure stories here!

Problems with such, is that you wouldn’t be able to explain it to anyone in any possible way - Not by name, nor by description.

I do believe, however, that it is possible - just that it won’t worth the effort.

However, you might prefer to try and create the most beautiful colour to have ever existed - that might be more “useful”.

I think it would definitely be possible in an ND because quite often my brain seems to think things that don’t make sense. So you could remember having seen a new colour. I don’t know how this would work in an LD.

Maybe you should try and see Octarine?

Octarine does seem like a suitable quest for me. I’ll give that one a go tonight.

I can say that I have seen, what you say, ‘a new primary color’, in at least one of my dreams. And I agree with Twilight, that such a sight is indescribable. A pity, really.

(I’m more intrigued in how exactly my brain conceives of something that, by laws of physical science, is “not possible”. Interesting.)

I aslo agree on the fact that you can see a new primary color in a dream… I haven’t seen one in a dream, yet in a different form of an OOBE… yes your brain does usually only dream about what it has seen and is familiar with, yet that’s what some people consider to be a difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection. In an astral projection you are not creating your reality with the construction of your past-thought in your neuron web, you are observing realities.

I’d have to agree on the fact that it is aboslutely!!! unexplainable… think about it, explain the color blue

I think what will happen is that you will be able to see a new colour in your dream but in waking life you won’t really be able to remember what it looks like since you dreamt that you saw or invented a new colour but you just know it’s a new colour, you don’t really know what it looks like. I can’t really explain my self very well.

[com]Even though you don’t remember what you saw, I’m sure that it would still leave the impression on you as simply[/com][color=green],[/color] awsomeness

[color=darkblue]blue[/color], [color=blue]"of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky".[/color]

The reason we would not be able to describe a made up color, is because we have nothing to compare it too. Although we could, also in theory, compare it to things that we don’t know the color of. Such as subatomic particles. It would still be something for ourselves to compare it too. Something without a color. Something not bound by the laws that govern waves.

It’s been reported that people see new colours in dreams quite a bit. That’s because there’s a range of colours on the spectrum that we can’t see. Some birds are able to see them, but not us.
Since it’s a dream and does not depend on our physical eyes we are able to see new colours.

I dunno, it seems more likely that you just “see” the new colour. Like your brain says to you, “This is a new colour” and you’re like “Sure! It’s amazing.”

It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes or something.

A new color? I just got a headache from trying to imagine a new color, that has never before been seen.
I just can’t imagine a new color, but I am open to the possibility that you could see one in a dream :content: .

A good technique (I would think) To making this new color is to mix all of your known colors, and see what you get. If your really imagineative, I bet you could get something other than black! :content:

I don’t know if this would work, because you would probably just get brown. :tongue:

I suppose if you believed hard enough though, that it may work.

Black tis’ not a color. Nor is white. :tongue: . But good idea nonetheless. I suppose if you it is a method to attempt to create it.

Amazing project Tyrael :content:

A couple of things to keep in mind.

First of all, physical meaning of light and color. Light are now considered to be electro magnetic waves which our received by our eyes and perceived by our brain as light.
Colors are the result of the waves frequency or amplitude. We see light waves that move in the frequency between 400 Nano meters (violet) and 800 Nano meters (red).

As far as I know, we cannot see in dreams things we don’t recognize from real life.
In response to Q’s comment.
You may not remember the things you see in dreams but it’s possible you have seen them in movies or elsewhere, even when you was 2 days old. Our subconscious mind remembers everything.

Our brain will not show us things that he finds irrational. This has been demonstrated many times.

So, on one hand, in a dream, we don’t use our physical eyes so it very well may be possible to “see” colors that we can’t see with our physical eyes. But on the other hand, we can’t see things our brain isn’t viewing as possible. Quantum physics suggests that we are not really objects in the reality but that our entire reality is inside our brain.
And all of this raises another question. Assuming that after our physical body ceases to function, we continue to leave as energy units in non physical planes of existence. Will we be able to “see” other colors?
The answers to these questions are indeed not simple.

If I had to guess, Ill say it’s impossible to see a new color in a dream as your subconscious is the creator of the surroundings and therefore of the colors. In an AP, it surely must be somehow possible. and assuming dreams are APs with your subconscious as the ultimate creator, the boarder is of course very thing and objects from the astral can be pulled into the dream, thus making it possible to see a new color. Another thing to keep in mind is that the astral is made of the collective subconscious residing that astral (according to the energy frequency level) and therefore it is assumable that the colors in that frequency are the same as here. Depends on the intelligence units in that astral, of course.

Most importantly,
everything is possible.
Ill definitely give this more thought, with hope for experiencing a new color.
Again, great project Tyrael.

Thanks for the compliment! :content: Nice to talk about this to somebody that actually has a very detailed idea of what I am trying to say. :tongue:

I do agree with you with that we do not see in our dreams what we havn’t in real life. But what I was really thinking in an in-depth session with myself is this. We havn’t seenthese new colors, but our brains have indeed percepted the waves that would produce those colors. Other known animals are said to be able to percieve these other waves as different colors than our own spectrum, but their eyes are different. Anyways, what I mean by this is that we have experienced these other waves as forms of other body responses. Our bodys do pick up these waves, and I think that our brain has the capacity to turn these into their correct colors, but our physical eyes do not. So I believe myself that this is possible. I have yet to remember to do it in a LD so far though. :sad: . When I do though, I am fairly certain that when I try enough methods, that it may work. :smile:

Once again, I believe that our brain has the ability to perceive these frequencies as their corresponding colors, and with our eyes out of the way, it is indeed possible.

And once again, I do agree with you with that we do not see in our dreams what we havn’t in real life. But our brains can morph an infinite amount of combination of what we have seen. Everything is made out of the same basic thing, and with that, we can see anything. Most of you may disagree with me on this but I believe it to be fact. :smile:

EDIT: If I remember to do an AP in my next LD, I will attempt it then. :smile:

I am not disagreeing. I wish you success and as I said, Ill try it myself. That doesn’t remove my strong doubts though.
Everything is possible.
You are raising a much wider discussion now… About what is seeing, what is experiencing, what is perception . etc… What is reality.
Now, first of all, what we see is our own translation of a quantum reality. There is no reality, each person has it’s own reality and lives his own world.
We are obviously exposed to waves outside of our visible spectrum, this raises another discussion… Not long ago, scientists were didn’t know that there are sounds that exist which we simply cannot hear. And this is the basis for the theory of the parallel universe and the answer to the questions such as where are the astral, and other, higher mental universes. The answer of course is here. We simply have to raise our own vibration to be aware of those spheres. The universe is an energy continuum. Lots of people try to find a physical location to non physical planes, and that leads to the problems. Beyond this place, there are of course, no physical, no 3d and no time boundaries at all.
We can assume, that at this moment, when I am (I think) awake, I am exposed to an infinite number of sources of energy of infinite kinds. We are only able to perceive 5 types of these energy radiation and probably all of those 5 are limited to a certain degree of frequency.
We are beings in an infinite universe. The fact is we are constantly exposed to energy we are not aware of and is impossible for us to perceive (at this state).
As I already said, there is no reality.
Quantum Physics suggests (and to me it is quite obvious) that every person has his own reality.
One of my dreams can demonstrate this.
This is from December 2007.
Im sitting in my father’s car and he’s driving on Iven Gvirol Street. When he passes the King Shaul conjunction I notice something is not right. I can’t point my finger to what, but that’s the way I felt. I look around and things look different. The air looks different, the composition looks different.
The rest is irrelevant. I woke up wondering about the dream . The conjunction I was mentioning is a place I used to work and live nearby. A few hours after I woke up I realized what seemed odd in the dream. I had witnessed that conjunction as it was 6-7 years ago when I witnessed it as a child. In spite of the fact it haven’t changed one bit. It looked completely different. I remembered how I used to vision that crossroads when I was little and how I see it now. This made me realize how our brain (according to many many things) translates the physical energy he is fed to whatever we choose to. That is the reason, there is no reality. Every one has is own. That is the reason that when I’m sitting here now, writing this on my laptop, listening to music while a friend of mine sits across the room, he listens to different music. He sees the room a bit different, and the color red is probably isn’t exactly my color red either…
Now, the thing to remember is that in a dream, there are no physical characteristics.
There are no light or sound waves. or anything physical at all. The entire universe beyond the physical place is completely beyond the physical. Mental. With increasing energy ( and decreasing density) as we further increase our vibrations, ascending into inner and inner spheres. The entire universe is a mental universe. The physical plane is described by physics man David Bohm to be: “Frozen Light”, energy moving so slow that it appears to be “frozen”. nonetheless, the characteristics of a mental universe still apply and thoughts may take more time to manifest than inside a dream (lower density, higher energy…) but they still do. So, again coming back to the dream. You are perceiving energy the way you are used to while using your physical senses. When a DC has a red shirt, she doesn’t have a shirt that projects 800nm light waves towards you. Your own SC gives her the color he find appropriate.
So, it is logical and assumable to believe that it doesn’t matter what your brain “experienced” but what you have “seen”. because only the things that are possible in your mind can be experienced by your astral self.
Having said all of that, I repeat the bottom line in which everything is possible and being open minded is always a necessity.
Something to try will be to take a paper which has the spectrum of light on it. Starting from below our visible spectrum and ending much higher above it. To look at the paper and try to summon it inside the dream and see what happens.
Again, this is a very very much complicated and interesting topic.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one”