creating a better world

As I see it many people do care about creating a better world and try to do their part on a small scale such as love of one’s neighbor and never doing harm to anyone. Not everyone is cut out to be a socializer and attend public meetings because of various reasons but you would be surprised how much people do on their own such as donating food or money to the needy, assisting the elderlyand the infirmed, helping charities and etc. If everyone does one little thing to help mankind or one simple good deed whenever they can, then collectively we will make a large impact, and I believe we are doing that. Always remember that there are many more good people in the world than bad.

I agree with Agent`s post.Theres plenty of ppl like that.
I guess that it would change a lot if media and churches and all organizations with any influnce started showing other side of life.
What do we learn from news?that world is sick,bad,dirty,awfull place.We learn that humankind is greedy,cruel and have no compassion.
That makes people believe it.And they believe in a kind of fanasy.Cuz world and we arent that bad at all.
It would be encouraging for many ,many people if there was more attention on good deeds made to this planet.
Imagine such news:
“Today we have saved 10000 acres of tropical forests.Today we have delivered food to 100000 people in Africa.Today we have saved another specie form being extinct.Today we have built 100 hospitals.We have saved 300 lives by giving them new hearts.100 children left their orphan houses and found new families.John Doe saved a girl from fire risking his own life.Today was a good day for us,lets see if we can do better tomorrow.Can we do better?”
Thats also truth.Maybe even bigger truth.