creating a DC

ok when im lucid and i want to have LD sex i usually just turn around and a chick is behind me but the girl is always average looking. I want to turn around and see an amazing looking girl. I want to turn around and see pam anderson. I don’t have trouble in materialsing the girl behind me i have trouble in materialising a hot girl behind me.

ask her to be more what you want her to be like. clap your hands and tell her she will be your dream girl. spin and when you stop she will be there. close your eyes open them

look at a mirror and transofom your self into your dream girl see your reflection and make it come to life. transform back.

“call up” your dream girl and ask her to reapear.

ask this average girl why she isnt what you want her to be.

ask your self why looks is the only thing you want

what else am i going to ask for in a dream? a girl with a great personality who i can spend time with for the rest of my life? the dream will last like 10 minutes max.

ask for a feeling. the dream is more then just making something appear. you can create a feeling as well. like nothing you have or nothing you ever will experience in walking life. summon up who ever and summon with them the most powerful feeling you can think of or ask them to give it to you. it iwll help with the looks as well.

Look at a picture before going to sleep, and when you have an LD make exactly that girl from the picture appear.

You’ll find enough inspiration on this site

hahahaha thanks dude. thats what im talking about.

Use Bendrummins pill method. I’m starting to feel like his publicist now.

I really need to get a good technique for this down, the spinning and turning around method seems awfully unreliable. But ill give it a shot nontheless :smile:.