Creating Peace through Dreaming

I think dreaming has alot of potential in creating peace in this world. From the words of someone other than myself, here is one way this can be achieved:

Knowing that we are intimately a part of the world, we are able to influence that world by being good people and living our lives well. That’s about as simple as it gets, and as you learn more you are able to make it more complicated than necessary.

A way of looking at this, rather than as a life of example, is through meditation and universal mind. The Group Mind we talk about now and then already exists, the researchers who built the military’s psychic programs developed a very workable theory about it which includes a wonderful idea, that we have a single consciousness when we enter deep sleep. Not a trance state, not a dream, but that deep dark dreamless area of which we have no awareness at all. In that strange realm we do not exist as individuals, but as a single sea of infinite awareness.

Using that idea, if we want to influence the universal awareness and through that, the individual minds which spring from it upon awakening, we need to carry thoughts and intentions into that unmarked territory when we ourselves enter into it. If we carry with us thoughts of peace and calmness, even visions of positive actions and decisions, into the threshold between consciousness and deep sleep, some of that gets through and is carried over into the waking awareness of others. It isn’t something that happens easily, the message is easily lost on the journey to that place, but with repeated effort something does get through. Usually people use methods like this to “influence the subconscious” or to carry intentions into Dreaming, but if the understanding of this changes just a bit, it is also possible to influence the world around us.

So sit quietly, in pleasant surroundings, and meditate or simply relax for a few good moments before going to bed. Don’t bring the worries of your day or the horrors of the world at the moment, especially not the fears of what will happen tomorrow or next year, into sleep with you. Meditate on peace, foster the emotions of kindness, love, courage, calmness, and openmindedness within you, and express compassion towards the world around you, towards “all your family.”

Carry that with you into deep dreamless sleep, without the slightest effort, and change the world.

Well, I have just begun a site called Dreampeace (very little content at the moment, though), and would like to hear other people’s beliefs on how dreaming can be used to create peace in this world. So please share your thoughts.

:eek: Not relevant to your post, but I just had a major case of deja vu while reading it :bored:

Thanks for saying how you feel. I imagine a world made much happier, if people can bring the positive energies of dreaming back with them into everyday life.

Even if you look at it from a biological level, its a good thing. I think its called the “random activity” theory that describes dreaming as the natural occurence of releases excess energy from areas of higher consentration. If people were to pay more attention to their dreams, they would be more in tune to the areas of their life that need help. = inner peace!
Cheers :shy:

Hmm… I hadn’t heard of that before. Thanks for your suggestion.