Creating Reaccuring DC's

Has anybody else tried this and had success?

Recently in my dreams I’ve been trying to create a few DC’s in my dreams, to share the experiences with someone else and all that. The problems I’ve been facing all seem to hinge around consitency.
They never seem to look the same. No matter how hard I try and focus on what I know they should look like and have looked like before, they always end up having a completely diferent face look, hair colour and style :wiske: . Some of the characters defining features when I first met them were there looks (especialy their hair), but it never stays put.

Any wise words on the subject?

In one of my LD’s I changed a girls hair, so what if you just tried to force them to look the same in each dream. Or you could try and summon the person who was in your last dream. I’m sure that’s possable. If not though, it’s always cool meeting new people, so it’s not like a wasted LD if you don’t suceed, just a goal to work towards

Do they “keep” their “memory”? I’m curious to see if this can be ‘simulated’.

Sure, you can try, but sometimes that’s difficult. I guess it depends on how lucid you are. Cause sometimes I even have troubles with myself in a dream. I look at myself in a mirror and I see myself wearing some really strange clothes. Then I say ‘no no! I’m wearing black high boots and a short gray skirt!’ Then I look again and I’m wearing some wierd boots and an ugly long skirt or something… after a while I normally give up and say ‘I’m wearing black high boots and short gray skirt no matter what this stupid mirror says!’ :grrr: and I just walk away…
I guess I’ll have to work on that! :content: