Creating unique, easy-to-spot dreamsigns

It’s pretty late so sorry in advance if this doesn’t make too much sense. Is there any way to, maybe over the course of a week or two, learn to dream about something in particular that is totally unique to your dreams? As in, you practice dreaming about, say, a green cat, or other things that you could only see in a dream. After you learned to almost consistently dream about a green cat or whatever you chose to dream about, you would always see it in your dream and recognize that you are dreaming. I guess this is basically what a dreamsign is, but can you create a dreamsign to dream about? Something that you will never see outside of your dream? This would make LD’s a heck of a lot easier, since i always forget to do reality checks. Point me to another post if this has already been brought up. Thanks

  • Laddie

Hmm, similiar thoughts have been brought up, but I don´t remember a specific topic. However, I think it´s quite an interesting idea, so it deserves its own thread :wink:

You might want to have a look at LILD, VILD and dream incubation (use search engine). Also there was on thread from Zaerus about this ring he only would wear while sleeping that served as a DS.

As far as I can see, there are two major difficulties:

  1. Actually dreaming about your chosen DS
  2. Training yourself to recognize it when you dream about it (I wrote some more on this in “Let´s find the perfect dreamsign” thread)

Ah, ok, these were only thread recommendations, but I am too lazy to formulate my thoughts at the moment :wink: