Creation of a Workshop on (Lucid) Dreaming

Hi all! Been a while :smile:

  • I am long time fascinated about (lucid) dreaming
  • I have years of experience as a tour guide so I enjoy speaking for groups
  • I like creating things, be it in writings / graphics / music / events, etc.
  • I am ‘Living Life & Sharing Passions’ (tagline of my blog / life motto)

Every year I go on these weekend’s with a group of ± 100 people; friends and friends of friends. At night we throw a party but during the day we share our passions and knowledge in workshops. Where others did things such as theatre and yoga I’ve covered the topic (lucid) dreaming 2 times now and made people aware of LD, encouraged them to keep dream journals and start doing reality checks. Recently I’ve been thinking of taking those ideas to the next level and to go ahead and see if I can get them to the general public. I’ve got some appointments set already, so I’ll see where it goes from here but I’m curious to hear if others here had the same idea and whether or not it worked out? And, of course, what do you think of this idea in general?


Hi mvanlaerhoven,

Send me a PM about this, I like to get in contact with you with this. I live in Amsterdam as well (my profile here hasn’t been updated in some years, that’s why it says Utrecht). I am a professional trainer and I have been thinking on giving LD workshops. Maybe it’s nice to get together and inspire eachother.