Creatures in your lucid dreams

Hi everyone

I haven’t yet my first lucid dream but i’m very curious to read some experience in lucid dreams about magical creatures and animals. :smile: :wiske: So Do you have a magical creature or animal follows you in your entire LD? Or do you have a SG that has a form of mythologic creatures like dragons,phoenix or gryphon?

Sorry if my english is a few bad :sad:

Yes it is possible to see mythic creatures :smile: In ND I saw phoenix and some big animals (big like horse) and it was hidden in shell… And today I had LD about demonic gate which is closed and it opened and a lot of demons came to this world and at out house I was creating protection but Fire salamander and its child (salamander -> … mander.gif ) broke the protection and I had to kill them … So I went for water and kill adult salamander and its child ran away… (Ps sorry for my english too)

Wow! :woo: Cool!!! A fire salamander.hey Termal,do you have a SG or a creature follow you always in your Lucid Dreams?
Someone else has dreams about this wonderful creatures? :content: :wiske: Please!!

I didn’t meet my SG :neutral: But I saw a lot of creatures for example some orange dog with large yellow dots on its body :content:

i recently had a ebil black panther following me around because it’s my pet now

Hey ebil, It must be cool your black phanter,Can you tell me about your dream when you met your pet for the first time? Hey Termal,in your LDs one of those creatures is your pet?!

NO I dont have any pet because one animal told me that they wants to be free but I have friendship with nature in my Dreams. I am killing evil animals demons and devils and good animals are protecting me. But I met really strange vampire dog which wanted to kill me and after I killed him I met its owner.

If you’re interested in non-conformist animal and creature appearances in dreams, both lucid and normal, I may be one of the most important people here to talk to. If I can recall correctly, I have had numerous meeting with unusual creatures in my dreams, often which bear no similarity to real-world creatures.
Among what I remeber are:

A sect of robed, two foot high hamster creatures which I encountered in a church-type setting (see my Dreamscpe Field Notes for more information).

A humanoid-sized white mantis, which initially appeared to me as a cocoon on a ceiling, from which sprouted appendages that formed the creature itself. I believe I had to kill the creature with a hastily grabbed butcher knife to prevent it attacking me.

Small, dark eyed bear-like creatures with ridiculously sprouting nails, which, if touched by one, causes death or metamorphosis into one of their kind. I was approched by these creatures in an earthen pit landscape.

A purple humanoid bat, roughly bat-sized, which was bound in constricting rope by the aforementioned hamster creatures (see my Dreamscpe Field Notes for more information). … y-29073693

That bird was in only one of my dreams. I miss that creature so much. T___T

I often dream of lions (or symbolism pertaining to lions). They both harm me and protect me… which is unusual, I mean you would think they would do one or the other. I keep thiking that the lion might be my animal SG.

I often find \ interact with dragons in my dreams… They usually are very swift and blend into their surroundings… Most that I have seen seem shy becuase they are used to negative human interaction i assume, (hunting, fighting, etc). I always keep a look out for them as they are my favorite creatures to observe…

Other creatures I have befriended \ seen;

wolves of all kinds, even ones that breath fire

large translucent alien beings who are kind and showed me that you can enter computers and use their networks to travel large distances, with something they called an E-Mod.

big trees, with roots that follow me when I try to leave…

lizard people that stood on two legs, were really tall, wore long shiny black robes, and sorta hovered when they moved (they weren’t really pleasant)

thats all that comes to mind right now :smile: … 80px-Slith. jpg
Did it look kinda’ like that. lol it’s off of a game. :razz:


hehe :smile: Nope not like that. No head fin, didn’t look like the muscley type, imagine more more brains than brawn. More than likely capable of inter-stellar travel, and what not… I recall hiding under neath a flight of outdoors stairs while one moved throughout the area looking for people…