Critical Faculty


I´m not sure if you all know what critical faculty is.
My level of critical faculty is quite low. For instance;

If I see a man with four arms in my dream I don´t even notice it, or pay attention to it. But then, when I wake up I think “Jeez, he had four arms”.

So my question is; If I don´t even take notice to weird things in my dream that might reveal that I´m dreaming, how will I ever become lucid?

Did you have a low level of critical faculty too, when you were a novice lucid dreamer? :eh:

You could try doing reality checks often, it will help you a lot in gaining lucidity. And you could also try WILD, but it needs much working and concentrating.

AND by the way, I am a newbie, and I also lacks the critical thing :sad: But I hope I’ll get trained with the time :smile:

Tiyama- we all struggle because of this.Everyone.Every one wakes up from a dream a putting it in diary thinks" damn…i had a huge breasts and didnt figure out it was a dream":slight_smile:
So its quite common.
And yep…doing realty checks is a way to go…for a start.Remember- keep a diary,know your dreamsigns(things u dream most of),do reality checks when u see your dreamsigns in real life.Thats it and should help:)
good luck