Cross eyed 3D images and LD'ing

I just saw some of those cross eyed 3D images yesterday and thought about something. I had seen them before but never actually got them working and yesterday I did! The thing is to cross your eyes so both images overlap, the hard part being making that image get in focus. But after some practice it gets easier and I’m wondering if this can help with LD’ing, mainly HI.

“Now what the heck does one thing have to do with another?”, you might ask. The detail I’m thinking of here is being able to focus your eyes in a way you ren’t used to (if you try it out and manage to get it in focus you’ll see what I mean. It’s easy to cross your eyes, but controllying your pupils to focus is harder. Focus is usually automatic, but in this case you have to change it consciously. Anyway, while looking after many of these images I got this feeling that reminded me very much of looking at HI. You know, the way you need to look at HI but not try to focus too much? Or when HI pops up out of nowhere and you accidentally focus right away, making it face?

Any thoughts? If anyone is willing to try it out and see if they can get it working (it’s an awesome experience by itself!) and see if they can get what I mean… :lol: I feel learning how to control our eyes (and mind’s eye, in case you’re about to say HI happens in the mind and you don’t see it with your physical eyes) might help the delicate skill of watching HI, specially those really fragile ones, and who knows, it might even help seeing in LD’s (I myself often can’t see properly in my LD’s…). Thanks for reading :shy:

Wow! These are awesome! lol Ive never seen these before, it took a bit to do but like you said once you overlap them correctly your brain automatically focuses them which makes it easier to keep it that way. Very very cool. “Especially the one of the forest”

Actually once the pictures “sync” to clarity it does remind me a little of my LD vision. I still have yet to experience an extreme vivid LD. :happy:

Pretty neat. I think that this could definitely help you go into a WILD. Viewing these as HI can help keep you more focused, therefore, more conscious when you enter a dream.

I’ve been practicing a bit everyday. I’ll only be able to tell if it can help in the long run, as I can’t get HI or LD’s with visual issues on demmand (or lucidity enough to remember this). So who knows, I might just revive this topic in a year or two with some results! :rofl:

EDIT: This morning I had some HI and the feeling of looking at them reminded me a lot of these 3D images. The HI even seemed more 3D than usual and I could sort of move a bit left and right to see the depth. Unfortunately I went into a ND from there, and nothing else to report. Just thought it was fun :razz:

OMG… Those were simply awesome. I couldn’t believe it when I got it to focus in. I don’t know how this will affect my HI… Still it was undoubtedly a very interesting thing to view. I want to take some 3D photos now!

I don’t know how crossing your eyes is supposed to help with HI. I guess you’re just getting used to crossing your eyes and fixing them in the right position?

AFAIK you’re actually experiencing something like this (3D perception) in a very similar manner in everyday life… but feel free to enlighten me with more specific thoughts on that.

Yeah, I’m not pretty sure. The thing with these images is that crossing your eyes is the easy part, the hard part is keeping them crossed and focusing on the screen, which is further away than where your eyes are looking at. In my HI’ing experience, some are pretty fragile and fade away when you move your eyes. Sometimes I’m able to slowly focus on these HI as they grow stronger without moving my eyes, but I end up moving them a bit and they fade anyway… so maybe practicing on consciously changing the focus of the eyes may help… even though HI are in the mind and the eyes aren’t actually seeing anything :tongue:

Well despite my doubts I wish you good luck :razz: The brain works in mysterious ways.

It’s just that I never had problems with focusing on stereoscopy pictures (even if I move my head or look at them for a longer time) but I still suck at focusing on HI. :razz:

Actually these feel almost exactly like it does for me in LDs when I try to focus and make my vision clear. I even say it out loud in the dream lol

Great! So I’m not the only one that thinks these two things feel somewhat the same :happy:

Oh my gosh. I just Googled these “cross eyed 3d images” and they’re so cool! It’s amazing how these work, and they look so amazing! It reminds me of when I used to look into the past while day dreaming in class.

I would get my eyes like this and then i could see these white see-through ghosts of some sort that would walk around my classroom. I also used to do it at the baseball diamond and i’d see the bleachers filled up with see-through people and even a few see-through kids climbing to the top of the tall fences. I sat at the top of the bleachers enjoying this while my brother kicked around the soccer ball in the field. :content:

Awesome! I think this means you have some decent visualization skills! I can’t see anything, no images, no ghosts, no colored blobs, not even with my eyes closed (only when I get HI). You could probably practice and get some easy WILD’s with this :smile:

I read an article about a conversation between Stephen Laberge and a German LDer, don’t remember his name. The German LDer was talking about WILD and crossing his eyes, and said something about looking at two things at once.

I’ll try this out and post my results.

Oh, that’s pretty cool! In fact I remember a thread here some time ago where this LD’er recommended looking up a bit while in the vibration state. I think it was even looking at the “third-eye” spot, so that would mean a bit cross-eyed!