cross pattern in eyes anyone? (possible chakra)

when i get into a trance state, i can normally see a X pattern, or swirling red and green colors, that seems to be in constand influx. is this related to the CHAKRA? am i doing anything right with this? should i work on this?
who knows…

That’s your brow chakra. You should definitely work on it. It is your psychic faculty. I suggest you read about techniques for opening the third eye. A number of good books and web articles are available. Just look around.

Absoluteterror when you go into a trance you increase theta waves 4 to 7 hz (some say 3.5 to 8 ) this freq is also active in dreaming and meditation.
When you are into a trance you increase the dmt levels in your brain made at the pineal gland. Dmt is a neurotransmitter and u can also buy it as a psychedelic drug. Dmt = dimethyltryptamine its close related to serotonin a neurotransmitter for falling a sleep and delta waves to.
When dmt levels are high you c red and green and when high enough also blue end yellow colours.
Ppl that take dmt or mushrooms (stuffed with tryptamines) c also those red and green colours!
So u get the colours because in the trance you increase dmt levels in your brain. Well done Absolute terror you must have some talent for trance then.


yeah, i haven’t been able to do a WILD, but meditation comes very easily, as does hallucinations before sleeping. i can smell an LD any day now, and tomorrows the last opportunity I’ll have for days, so i gotta try hard. I had like a half hour long controlled hallucination session before trying to WILD the other night, it was VERY surreal, VERY intense, but not an LD, i’m pretty sure, because i’m sure i wasn’t asleep.

I’m so close i can smell it

“let the WILD rumpus begin”~~sendak

yeah, i do a bit of mushrooms, so i’ve seen LOTS of other red and green stuff before. the best is red and green and blue and yellow and black, closed eye hallucination. wonderful stuff, but not as good as a heathy LD i’m sure.

I like it both, mushrooms and ld, however a ld i like everyday and mushrooms once or twice a year.


When I meditate, I see lots of random imaging - which is really a lot of fun :smile:. I don’t think that it is specifically red or green, though. It’s more like bright light patterns vs. dark areas. Do you think this is related???

BTW:I used to take mushrooms on occasion - it was really my only illegal vice. However, one day I took somewhat more than usual & experienced a wonderful and surprisingly visual trip. Ever since then, I have permanent tracers/trailers. My point being, they are wonderful, but eveything has its price :flower:

Hi Meow :smile: Yes everything has its price, we live in a dualistic world lol!

Yes its related Meow…if you are more deeply relaxed with attention at one point you c the colours to.