Crystals for lucid dreaming

Hello friends,
I am an avid LD practitioner.
Been trying for many months to achieve high clarity lucid dreams.
Recently, came across an article which said crystals can help one become conscious of dreams.
My question is, which crystal I should choose for LD/obe? Does anyone use them with success?

Thank you

I like your name. Are you lucky?

I don’t know but I would like to know too if crystals can help. I have an amethyst but I don’t think it helps.

I don’t think crystals actually do anything, but it seems to work for some people. There was a large thread about it somewhere.

Here’s that thread Clustafer was talking about!
Apparently, they do help with lucid dreaming. Makes me wish I had a Moonstone or Amethyst for myself!

I don’t believe crystals hold any special powers like this. There just isn’t any logical or scientific evidence for this that I have found.

I remember I read somewhere once that amethyst induces pleasant and peaceful dreams. I actually have amethyst on my nightstand right next to where I sleep. It does not affect my sleep at all and I still get plenty of a nightmares. So I guess that’s my personal experience with crystals.

I tend to fall back on the belief that the power of crystals comes from their symbolic nature. Dreams are very strongly impacted by intention and belief, if you believe a certain crystal has a certain effect, then it will likely cause that effect to manifest. This can most certainly be used to your advantage as a means to manipulate and reinforce your intent. Whether or not the effect is ‘placebo’ or something more is pretty much irrelevant from my perspective. Crystals are things of beauty, nice to handle and have a practical use here too.

Given that mentality, then the meaning of the crystal to you, is what is most important. In choosing the right crystal, it’s best to think about what it means from your perspective. Of course reading what others assert as the meaning/power of the crystal is a good place to start. Then choosing one which best represents your intent. For example, some sites say calcite helps with memory, if you want to improve dream recall… it makes sense to use calcite to signify this. In this way if nothing else it becomes a physical representation of your will. Even in a purely scientific paradigm, it can’t be denied that can be powerful.