Cure Phobias in Dreams?

I’m afraid of heights and roller coasters, so could i cure these fears with dreams?

If so, would it be something simple like going on top of a building and looking down over the edge?

Sorry to bring your hopes down, but phobias are genetic, and cannot really be cured, except with gene therapy, but you could work towards easing the fear.

Edit: Also I believe that your phobias will feel much worse in dreams since you are “closer” to your mind, if you understand what I mean.

Ps. I also have a phobia.

I agree with Smiffy008. Phobias are very hard to overcome. But you could use your dreams to try and control how you “react” to your phobia.

If you have a “simple” fear, dreams can definitley help. For example a fear of heights. Visualizing yourself fyling would be a great way to overcome that fear.

yeah that’s actually what made me think of it. i was watching waking life and when he was flying over the city i was thinking, “uh oh, is that what it’s gonna look like.”
so would you call the fear of heights a phobia or just fear? cause i wanna cure it and go to 6 flags

i know what you mean by closer to my mind too haha
the fear will probably show itself a lot more when the whole world revolves around me.
i’ll probably be stuck on top of a building or something…or just falling :sad:

Well, I had a sort of a fear of height, but in dreams I usually enjoy jumping off high places. No parachute or anything - Just jumping toward the bottom.

I believe it has changed my fear in a positive way, but I can’t really tell because I also mentally changed during that time.

It really depends on the severity. It has to be pretty severe for it to be a phobia and illogical like being deathly afraid of an inanimate object. Otherwise it’s just a fear. There’s always hypnosis therapy as well, did you have a bad experience with a roller coaster or just too afraid to ever try in the first place. They’re not that bad really, so you could just try forcing yourself to get on a roller coaster in real life, but that would be the more difficult avenue. Roller coasters are scary but that’s the point, it’s safer than riding in a car. Very few people have died on roller coasters, most from not reading signs that say if you have heart problems, don’t ride etc.

If you could just force yourself to get on the roller coaster and not freak out before it starts, you’d be fine as long as you realize it’s perfectly safe (once again this is the difficult part because while it is safe phobias defy logic). I used to be deathly afraid of Ferris Wheels, but not anymore! Anyways in answer to your original question I suppose it would be possible to cure phobias via LDs although it’s highly unorthodox but that’s just because nobody else has ever thought of it. If you can’t rule over your fears in the dream realm then when can you? Just jump off the buiding knowing full well that this is a dream. Don’t let your phobias control you, even if they are in your genes, you control your mind, you have the power.

i used to go on some, but i just can’t take that feeling of the drop and i’ve never gone on the upside down ones.

i did actually go on two that people died on a week or two after i’d went on them, but i don’t think that’s it.

i went up in the hershey kissing tower at hershey park, and i was holding onto something pressed up against the inside wall the whole time, peeking out the window from there haha.

even though i know it’s built to be safe, i can see myself falling through the window or something.

I’m surprised at what I’m reading here. I was under the impression that phbias were nothing more than irrational fears, genetic or not. To have a healthy fear of heights is probably genetic. I have that, and so do most people.
But ofcourse phobias can be cured, it has been done many times by gradual exposure. I don’t think I have read any account of someone curing a phobia through lucid dreaming though.
Theoretically you can reproduce any situation that you are afraid of in a dream, and might even be doing so involontarily in nightmares, In my experience things are LESS scary in lucid dreams, because I know I am safe. But the method of curing phobias is to gradually get yourself used to the things you are afraid of. And that can be done in lucid dreams. But I don’t think it will make you completely careless with heights because you know the whole time that it is not real, and in reality you know that it IS real, and there could be real danger.
My suggestion would be to fly in your lucid dreams and be happy if this gets you used to the sensations. If you’ve ever been on any roller coaster you know you can be nervous the first time, but when you know you can survive it, it doesn’t seem scary.
The only problem with exposure therapy is that you might not wanna do it.

laughs I went on that thing too, freaks me the crap out. O_O I can just picture the whole tower falling over and then everyone inside dying either from the impact of the fall, (most likely) or the explosion that may come after. :eek: The roller coasters don’t really scare me though, my sister is terrified of them and we talked her into going on one of the upside-down ones at Hershey Park and it got stuck with her on it. :nuu:

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten over my fear of airplanes because of LD’s. I’ve been afraid of them for as long as I can remember, but ever since riding a few in some LD’s I actually WANT to ride in an airplane now. I want to know if it’s like how it is in my dreams.
I’m afraid of man-made heights, (ladders, scaffolding, things like that) but natural heights don’t bother me at all, (Like trees and cliffs). I’ve literally stood about 3 inches from the edge of what had to be about a 150-foot drop…onto sharp rocks. :tongue: And that didn’t bother me at all, I wanted to sit on the edge but my mom wouldn’t let me. I guess the biggest thing I have that could be properly called a “phobia” is my fear of dead people. They freak the heck out of me. :nuu: :eek: :scared: I don’t know if I’d be willing to make them appear in an LD, if I see one in real life, movie, dream, I just want to RUN. :help:

hahaha i don’t think i have a phobia of dead people, i just hate being anywhere near them. i hate viewings.