Curious To Know

I am curious to know (as the title suggested) what poeple on this forum believe about life, death, spirituality that sort of thing you know. The why are we here type questions.
Any opinions?

well, i believe that God created us… and that what the Bible says is true about life and death.

Can you ask a more specific question? There’s just too much to say about these things :wink:

There are a lot of topics about this in the “beyond dreaming” and “lucid lounge” sections, I think. Just go and dig through the archives.

My views on this seem every month seem to be diametrically opposite to the month before. Nonetheless, at the moment I’m believing that there isn’t anything after death. Many people seem to think that that’s a very bleak idea, but I wouldn’t mind it as long as I had acheived something by the time I was dead. But I’m still extremely undecided. People ask questions like this as if the answers were easy - and that’s how most people answer: they’ll give you a very definite answer. I don’t really think it’s fair to expect anyone to know the answer to these things after only one lifetime. So I’m mostly undecided.

edit - just realized, I forgot to answer the question about God. I think that maybe there’s some sort of force that created us. Like the opposite of entropy - a force that creates.