Custom Binaural Beats

Hello to all, this is a first post to this forum… But I’ve really been enjoying the site. I’ve been interested in image guided meditation and lucid dreaming for a number of years and I’m a big fan of Binaural Beats to use in meditation and relaxation. I usually make my own binaural beats, an easy thing if you have the right audio production software. With my latest I’ve been creating them to be timed along with my breathing. So as a binaural beat swells, I breathe in… So along with brain wave entrainment it’s a breathing exercise to focus and relax. I use them alone or mix in the sound of rain or the ocean.

I wanted to ofter up my willingness to create custom binaural beats for people to experiment with. It is easy for me to adjust the frequency or rate of the sound to match people’s breathing rate. I have an example you can listen to or download on sound cloud and want to have people try them out to let me know what they think. I’m not looking to charge any money or anything like that. Just happy to give a little or collaborate on an audio project.

If you are intereted I would need to know the the following parameters to create them

Sine freq #1 (example - 87Hz)
Sine freq #2 (example - 94Hz)
Length of the beat (example - 5sec)
Number of beats per minute (example - 8 )

The above is what the 7hz Binaural Beat is at my soundcloud link below.

Happy dreams,