I think there are better ways of inducing Dilds from Ssild, because primary Ssild was made for inducing trance like state for Wilds and maybe as side effect you can have a occasional Dild, but if we primary target to have a Dild, another way can be more productive. In my case senses are even more important, let’s first see on what the original Ssild is focusing on:
Vision) blackness behind eyelids, potentially inducing Visual HH
Hearing) on sound, potentially inducing auditory HH
Tactile) on weight of your body or the feeling of blankets over your body, potentially inducing Tactile HH

Now for Wild you want to have continues awareness from wakefulness to sleeping, so on some point your body must fall asleep while doing the cycles to have a successful one.
So your eyes must be closed to be able to fall asleep, but let’s look at the other two senses, regardless of what you are doing they are always On, even while you are sleeping, but with closed eyes you can’t see, so that sense is not fully functional. Now if we change just one step, all of three senses can be fully active. So it becomes like this:
Vision)Focus with open eyes at the space in front you, without moving your eyes around, they must be relaxed the entire time.(you can blink)
Hearing)Focus on sounds around you, but in lazy manner without analysing them.
Tactile)Focus on your body weight or the weight of yours blankets on your body.

One cycle must be around 5-15 seconds and 3-4 cycles must be made. Then you just fall asleep and expect to make a RC next time you are dreaming.
During the cycles you may experience the feeling that you want to close your eyes, but must keep them open, of course you can gently blink and slowly open them again, you can get a feeling that you get more and more sleepy, but you must complete at least 3-4 cycles and then fall asleep. If you are feeling that you getting too awake, you can shorten the cycles.

The target is when fall asleep to suddenly become lucid for no reason or you can have a FA, so remember to make a RC.

Grounding on all three senses, you are inducing a Dild through Vigilance.

For example during my childhood I occasionally was having a LD after a scary movie, because I was over vigilant. I was focusing on my room, I was focusing on sounds around me, I was focusing on my body, which were stimulating my senses.


I love this, The tactile HH sounds like nyockinic jerks.

How long do we do each cycle for?

Here you go, a link to the original technique SSILD 2.0

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