Looks like I found what I was looking for!! For whatever reason Damiana adds a romantic flare to dreams. They can be down right explicit!! I have had many lucid ones as well. However it never cease to shock me the scenes, situations, and people that my subconscious mind involes me in/with. :grin: I wake up blushing at times…

Damiana is said to be sexually stimulating, although I haven´t thought about using it on dreams.
Could you write a bit more about it?
E.g How often did you try, how did you take it, when did you take it, how much and did you take anything else along with it

Sounds nice, one could even try to make sexual content a DS and get lucid this way


Great idea, even without Damiana :content:

I’ve been experimenting with damiana tea for a few weeks… I use a teaspoon of the loose leaves(which I was able to find at a big community co-op for $0.97 an ounce) steeped in a a mug of boiling water. I drink this right before bed, and almost always have those erotic dreams. I got the idea of using Damiana from little mentions of it here and there pertaining to its use in inducing lucid dreams. I havent noticed any more LD’s than normal, but then I only use it one or two days a week. The tea is real relaxing, as well. It is said to be a potent aphrodesiac, one of the most powerful in herbal medicine. I don’t think I would say that, I only notice those kinds of effects in my dreams. The strange thing about Damiana is no one can find the active ingredient. Scientifically it “shouldn’t” do anything. Due to this, many people believe it is a placebo. I personally think science just needs to do more research. I’m curious, thaspot, did you know of its aphrodesiac qualities before you noticed having sexual dreams? I was aware of this effect before I made a tea out of it, so naturally I thought it was a placebo. However, EVERY night I drink the stuff I have many strongly sexually suggestive dreams. This makes me believe there is something more to this plant. Also, many people smoke it in conjunction with drinking the tea for a stronger effect. My friends tried this and told me they noticed a definite change in their mood and thoughts. I havent tried smoking it yet. Could be an interesting experiment. Well anyways those are my thoughts… thanks. :wink:

I was aware of the affect it has on dreams prior to taking it. I can testify that it is not a placebo!! I would normally have romatic dreams once or twice a month if I was lucky. Now they are a heck of a lot more frequent. I have had sexual dreams the past two nights but I did not become lucid. A couple of months ago one dream got so intense that I woke up moaning but the embrassing part of it was my girlfriend was there in the bed with me… ooops… She commented that I had better been dreaming about her. I smiled, fliped over, and went back to sleep. She never got an answer. I have had serveral “lucid-romantic” dreams since using Damiana. When I experience one I usally get so excited that I wake up. Bummer :sad: Another thing that I noticed that melatonin supresses the heck out of a person’s sex drive. I would not reccomend taking it if your goal is to have a sexually charged dream. I know by trial and error :smile:

Oh BTW I take mine in capsule form…

Hey, I just found a report from someone using Damiana who had lucid dreams from the stuff… Check it out if you want… its on erowid vaults. https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=25555


Wait, doesn’t that mean that in fact you can’t attest that it’s not a placebo? If you were aware of the affect it had prior to taking it, that right there says that there’s a possibility what you’re experiencing is the product of what you heard, thus a placebo. Or did you mean to say “wasn’t aware”?