damn, need sleep 2 hav an LD

Hi im luke j. Im new here.
Im 13 and ive recently been very intrested in LDs n stuff. The only problem is that i don’t sleep :sleeping: . Or I do sleep. Or when I look at the clock its only the same coz im havin an LD and the clock stay the same?!? Help! So is there any surefire way 2 hav an LD? Ive heard NovaDreamers good. :smile:

Fellow thirteen-year-old and author here. Argh, tired…
Everybody sleeps. And there’s not surefire way to LD. I speak from bitter experience le sob

hey I’m 13 too, but tomorrow…I’ll be 14 :grin:

Mr. “Absurd amount of sex” is 13 years old? :eek: Well, you are just starting puberty my boy!

To each his own, I guess. Happy Birthday, BTW