Dance studio, gym, double back flip

So last night I finally had a lucid dream again! It started from being at a class at Pitt again. Once I was lucid I explored. I found a dance studio and danced, I did a handstand and tucked my knees down by my upper legs. Then I found another class and thought, increase lucidity. I did this in the lucid dream before last night’s, as well, it helped me stay in the dream, After the class I explored, thought about going outside. I found some weights and some metal bars. One said 40 lbs, which is medium weight to me but it felt much lighter. Then I left and part of the ground was trampoline. I remembered what some elite athletes do on trampolines and kept jumping and then did a few double back flips. I felt the dream fading and I tried to stay in the dream but alas, I woke up. I’m sure I lost a lot of the details!

Actually - I did a reality check in the dream. My RC I always go to is I look at my hand, count my fingers, and try to press my finger through my palm. I did this but didn’t let my finger touch my palm. I don’t think I felt anything but everything was normal but I decided to question if I was dreaming or not, and of course despite the RC not working I decided I was dreaming.