Darkness in LD's

I find that I often have very dark LD’s. When outside, it is usually night time with streetlights glowing. Inside, it is also very dark.

Does anyone else experience this?

I had an LD last night that was dark and I found a neat method to combat it. I pretended I was wearing tinted sunglasses and I took them off. It made things brighter and increased my lucidity.

Is this my SC realizing that I’m asleep and making it night time? Or something else? Thoughts?

That ALWAYS happens in a WILD for me. If it’s daytime and I WILD, it’s daytime in my dream. Night it’s night. If I’m wearing my blindfold IRL, I have my blindfold on in my dream. Also, if I sleep in my bedroom, I’m in my bedroom in my dream.

I like the idea of the tinted glasses, but I don’t know if it will help me; it’s night-time outside for me as well…

ah, one of my biggest problems during LD’s. These lights just dont wanna turn on! Maybe I should pretend to have night vision goggles lol

:wave: Heya, Mike.

That can be annoying, especially when you have little control. Try doing some techniques like spinning and yelling (that sounded odd :razz: ) to get your level of lucidity up. Once you have all your LD powers, mess around with the environment and bring the sun out! :cool_laugh:

Fun stuff. ^^


It’s never been much of a problem, just something I noticed. Usually its at the beginning and then as I gain lucidity, things get brighter. :happy:

So, it’s a fairly common occurrence I’m guessing?

I never seen black in a LD …

Hehehe, my SC used this conversation to give me a super bright sun in my last lucid dream.

It seems to happen fairly often.

I wonder if the dimness/darkness relates to a lack of mental focus?

For me I shout out “Increase Lighting!”

Or I pretend that its dark inside, and I will go outside where its brighter.

Freedom88 suggested going out where it’s brighter too. I like “Increase Lighting!” as well. I tend to agree, it sure seems like a connection to low-lucidity.

I suppose it could even be used as a DS, to a certain extent.

shouting : “More lucidity!!!” helps a lot (from my own experience)

I do this quite a bit; shouting out and looking at my hands. I just find it interesting that the darkness is a common experience.

I also equate the dreamy feeling of a low-lucidity dream with being drunk. I think I mentioned this before the server wiped my last messages, but I also had a recent dream that’s a perfect example of this. (Click here)

Thanks for the idea, this is exactly what I did!

Read it here.

I didn’t realize darkness was so prevalent in others’ dreams. For me, darkness is a major dream sign. Being in a dark house at night (or even being outside at night) often indicates I’m dreaming, although it never seems to have any negative connotations within the dream.

I used to have this problem a lot, which would make my LDs real short, so short I would not even bother to post em here. I just began to include in my mantra to remember todo a lucidity stimulation technique (ala rubbing hands together, spinning on axis that kinda deal) and everytime everything goes dark i just rub my hands together and BAM i can see the room again.

hmm, that reminds me of a time it happened in my LD last night runs off to change DJ entry

It seems that sometimes dreams are sort of lazy and they don’t fully create the environment or they even don’t create images at all. In such cases, you are in dark spaces or dark rooms with very few objects, etc.

My LDs are always bright. I personally beileve it’s got something to do with the person’s beleifs or feelings (either surrounding dreaming or otherwise). Not necesarily positive or negative, but if people think of LDs as bright and clear or dark and mysterious, etc. Just my 2 cents.

Pretty much 90% of my LDs are dark. Nighttime LDs seem to have a more dreamy feel. I like them.

Literally all of my ld’s are dark to begin with, but of course i usually find that i can create a miny sun, or whatever else i want for light.

I’d imagine that’s true, although my dark dreams have still had an incredible amount of detail. Often, the dark environment is simply my house with the lights turned off. The proportions of the various spaces aren’t always correct, but the amount of detail rivals that in real life.

When my dreams are dark, I used to look for a light switch. Though I got into the habit of flicking my hand using TK to turn the lights on. Though last time it failed and I had to actually say “Lights!”
Thats while inside anyways, all my lucid dreams where I was outside have been colorful and sunny