I’ve heard that when we sleep in total darkness our sleep improves. Has anybody tested it yet? Does it affect LDs and/or recall?

I’m going to try it out tonight and post any interesting results :smile:

I sleep in a pitch black room (except for my stereo and clock lights), and I think it does improve because sometimes we still see the light when we close our eyes and its kinda nuisance. Soooo, I would suggest on sleeping in a dark dark room.

Hm, Im not sure, I like having just a little bit of light coming in my window. I have tried sleeping with my laptop open, and that does usually keep me up/mess up my sleep. Then again, I believe I remember reading somewhere(no clue where) that if your dreams were really dim and poorly lighted that sleeping with more light could brighten them up. Personally I think you would sleep better in the dark(or low light like me) because it would be less distracting/wouldnt keep you up.

Well, usually for me darkness is better because light is sord of a distraction for me if i’m sleeping. If there’s too much light it wakes me up at night.

When I have a light on in my room I tend to wake up more often. I also find it harder to fall back to sleep. But when its completely dark I tend to not wake up.

I have a large blacklight in my room which I keep on 24/7. I find it quite relaxing, really.

you should check This Topic. There are interesting posts about light and sound environment.

Personnaly, I sleep with the blind open. And, for the last two months, I sometimes use earplugs to have total “quietness”. Although outside noise might introduce interesting event or object in your dream :smile:

I( ive seen my dad do this to but he falls asleep just about anywhere lol ) found that i can sleep in a room even if the light is is on as long as im sleepy. The thing is im almost never sleepy. the only time i am sleep is in the morning when i wake up :grrr:

One night while working I managed to fall asleep with lights on. I woke up around 5 in order to put it out, and did not remember any dreams. Also, I usually wake up at 3 to write my first dream, but not this time. Once the light was out, I managed to remember one dream that night. In addition to it being propably quite hard to get any sleep with lights on, it seems to worsen dream recall. At least for me this is true.
Earplugs are evil. I used them once, started to listen to the voice inside my head - and all it said was: “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP.” Annoying.

I tried it last night and had a very deep sleep, but no recall improves or LDs. I’ll keep trying it, anyway.

Hmm odd. Every once in a while I get dark dreams, regardless of the light in my room o_o. I don’t think that would be the case for me.

Me too :smile: Except I only turn it on at nighttime. I’ll keep it off for sleeping, while I’m doing this, and perhaps for longer.

Hmm this night I’ve managed to get 3 LDs! However, darkness was not the only reason :smile: Read my DJ for details.

Thats great! Congratz

Actually, I read and heard on TV it was the opposite, ie some light improves dreaming.