Darxide’s EFT Lucid Dream Induction Technique

Well I tried it and I did notice an improvement in DR. I will admit I didn’t quite go through the whole tech such as the humming or taking a glass of water since I was already in bed and didn’t want to disturb the wife.

@avalinah: Well, if you’ve decided it won’t work since you’ve decided MILD won’t work then I doubt you’ll see much more progress. Autosuggestion based techs rely on intention and belief. If you feel that you won’t be able to do it then don’t stress too much about it. I’ll just say what dB_FTS did and give it some time. While the OP may claim instant and wondrous results, it’s obviously going to vary from person to person.

No. Not 4 lucid dreams a night. I had 4 lucid dreams the last few days. None last night, unfortunately. The most I had in a single night with this technique so far is 2.

I think your attitude is a lot of what is holding you back. You don’t believe it is possible, so that might be impairing your success. Also, I haven’t seen your form with this technique. Just like weight lifting, EFT has a certain ‘form’ and ‘pace’. If you do it wrong, it might affect results.

All I know is just because you go two nights with no success with ANYTHING doesn’t mean you should quit. The best things in life are worth working for. However, if you decide that this technique is not for you, that is your choice. It absolutely does work, when done correctly though.

Excellent link there, bro. Thanks for sharing. If it’s okay with you, I’ll put it in the main post for demonstration and give credit to you for finding it.

  1. I always keep mine open until I get to the part of the technique where it says to close them for a few seconds. I’d do it exactly as the EFT technique is laid out for best results. I’m not exactly sure why they do that in EFT, but it seems to work for me. haha

  2. Nope. You remain silent while tapping the gamut point.

  3. You’re supposed to skip the ring finger.

Also, if I recall, you were wondering how many times to do it before bed. I always do it only once. However, when I first started I did it as many as three times in one night. I’m not sure if that helped or not, but I seem to do alright with the technique being done just once. It doesn’t suck up as much time.

I think a lot of people here might be stressing too much about this and ‘trying too hard’ with this. The key point of this technique is to relax and not care about the results. That’s not to say you should have a half-ass attitude. State your affirmations with strong will and intent, while doing this, however not as hard as MILD. Then when you’re finished, take on the attitude of ‘well at this point we’ll just have to wait and see if it works or not.’ Don’t try and think about it while you’re falling asleep. Think about OTHER things and let yourself get distracted in all sorts of happy thoughts. It’s fine if the thought of lucid dreaming comes up on your way to sleep, but don’t let that be your main focus.

The key to success with this technique is balancing effort with ease.

Of course! It easier to spot it in main post… :content:

Tried again last night, had the weirdest dream where I was just hanging in space, like when you accidentally WILD into a non-REM dream. I was thinking about a paper I have due and other things in my life. I was actually thinking about things going on IRL, so I guess It’s a step in right direction for my awareness with this tech.

hrms now that I’ve had a chance to read about the technique. It sounds interested, and I will give a try, but probably not more than that. Just don’t feel it will fall into alignment with my personal style of lucid activation. However, I will be sure to post up anything resulting from the test of the technique.

Also, it is great to hear about the good experiences derived from the technique. I am always a fan of people finding ways that work for them to induce \ achieve lucidness.

Keep at it everyone!

I have my progress posted on page 3 of this topic but just to make announcement I become lucid using this tech. So for me it works and with it I had better dream recall too… So there is point in using this tech on everyday basis! :grin:

Good luck everybody! :content:

Good to hear, man! I knew if people were just persistent for a week or two, they’d see results. Thank you for testing it. :cheesy:

This night was the fourth night where I tried this technique (I adjusted it a bit). I’m using my DR mantra instead of the “I’m dreaming” one because I don’t aim for LD’s right now. Two nights out of these four I had incredible good DR which means a lot for me at the moment because I’m not keeping up my DJ and doing so usually results in a crappy DR. In one of these dreams, I was also sort of lucid (or maybe a FLD).

EFT seems to do a good job for me when the visualizations are easy to do. I’m sorry if this has been already asked, but do you (or anyone else) have any experience using EFT in combination with WBTB?

Ok I just did all the steps, but I was a little confused about the last step. It said I should hum the first notes of the song, and in the meantime count the speed that I am tapping my hand. (uhm what’s the name of that point again? :confused: Gamot? :confused: Sorry! I forgot :sad:)

Anyways, how do I do that? I cannot count while focussing on humming the song :open_mouth: Also should I count in seconds, or did you mean the amount of times I tap my hand (cause that is what I did).

Also, how fast should I tap each point? I did like 4 in a second, or is that way too much?

(I am not native English so it’s hard to translate certain things, like the mantra as well, but I think I’ve translated it so that my mind understands it completely. I’m dutch by the way:) ) It looks like a nice and effective method though! Thanks for posting it :content:

Humming and counting are separate steps. First you hum then you count like first tap 1, second tap 2… How much taps peer point is not really important… Watch the video in main post, it will explain some things… Good luck!

I had improvement in DR too, even though I didn’t aim on DR. I’ve never tried it with WBTB but I think that it won’t do any damage, I mean you can repeat tech as many times you like so repeat it again while WBTB is actually a good thing…

Sounds cool. I’ll try it.

Wow :o remember my post from yesterday? well, I had a lucid dream tonight :woo:

However the lucidity was extremely low and I think I woke up immediately. (High time for a real succesful one :o)

I’ll do this technique again tonight! And thanks for your reply, db_FTS :smile:

Glad to see people are having great success with this technique. :cheesy: Keep at it guys and it will just keep getting better.

I had a FREAKING long lucid dream this morning with this technique. It must have been 40 minutes!

A question,

I’ve been trying this for about a week or two, (whenever my first post on this thread was) and I haven’t had a LD or anything really close. So is it supposed to work this quickly or should I do it for a couple months. Just wondering since I don’t want to waste my time on a technique that isn’t for me.

I believe the reason it worked so quickly for myself and others on this site was that we had already conditioned ourselves to have lucid dreams through other techniques. It will still work for you eventually, if you stay persistent, but you’re free to use a combination of techniques such as the traditional WILD and this in tandem with one another.

Alright, I’ll keep trying then, going to sleep really late tonight though (just got back from party) so I probably will barely even have recall.

Read through the whole topic, sounds like an awesome technique. Definitely one I will try for the next couple of days. I’ll keep you up to date.

So far (since I found out about lucid dreams) I had one LD using MILD. I wasn’t really experienced, but I woke up at midnight and just thought about LD and there it was :happy:.

But anyways. I will try this. I’ve also read that you do 1 side yourself. The video however mentioned 2 sides at a time, what do you recommend for starters?

I’m doing only one side, I’m no expert in EFT in general so I don’t know if there are any differences but tapping only one side gave me results so it works, but keep in mind that is even better tech if you give it a time…