Day 6: went to sleep normally, had some kind of DILD-WILD

So i put the alarm to sound 2-3 hours after i went to sleep and went to sleep, i was feeling very tired already so i slept pretty fast. In one moment i thought i was still sleeping and i said something like “damn, am i still awake?” And i made the nose RC, and it worked! So when i realized i was dreaming i was like “cool! But calm down, that you can lose it” so i tried to stay calm, i was trying to get out of my bed but i remembered in a post that someone said that if you move too much in that moment you can wake up, so i started with my left leg slowly but i felt like i would wake up so i started imagining myself spinning and in just one moment i was in some kind of desert, i asked a mirror to look myself and i was very blurry and with less beard but it looked pretty much like the real me. i made a million of things, and i always remembered to make the nose RC to always remember to myself i was dreaming, it was a pretty amazing experience that lasted 20-30 minutes. I woke up 30 minutes before the alarm. It is true that you wake up full of energy! After two or three hours of staying awake after that dream, went to sleep again and had a normal one. Dream recall is getting pretty amazing for me, as i’m writing pretty much one full page of just one dream. And all of this just after 6 days of trying it! I’m definitely doing it on a daily basis!

TLDR; slept 2-3 hours and had a lucid dream when i thought i was still sleeping, kept control through nose pinch RC, lasted 20-30 minutes, was totally worth it.

That’s brilliant :yay:
I like the finger through palm during the ld to reinforce the fact that you are lding :smile:

Thank you!! :colgate:

i also like the finger through palm but i seem to have automatized the nose pinch throughout this week, either way i guess that in a matter of time i will incorporate more RCs to my list :mrgreen: by the time anything interesting happens all of you will be informed! :hyper: