Day Dreaming

I was wondering where does Day Dreaming fit into all of this. I mean you are not asleep but you are dreaming and just letting your mind wonder. Maybe they should have a topic about Day Dreaming on the main web page.

When ur daydreaming, u just fantasize and maybe lower brain activity… But you are not asleep, (though sometimes I am not aware that I’m daydreamin => Unlucid daydreaming XD).

A day dreaming section? I think that would be a little pointless here, because when we try to lucid dream, its for dreams we have at night, which (hopefully) we remain in when we become lucid. If you become aware of your day dreams, they more or less turn into fantasies, wich you would probably snap out of quite easily and aren’t nearly as great as lucid dreaming, and may as well be talked about here in the beyond dreaming forum :tongue:

I just wrote something on this lol:

So this means sometimes when you get drowsy during the day, your sleep cycle might be ar “REM point”, which can mean daydreaming.

LDs are a very specific state of mind ( you are conscious of your unconsciousness ) , that is also why it is so paradoxal and interesting… :smile:

Daydreaming is not a specific state of mind, you’re awake and just fantacies… :wink: