day out of time?

When is day out of time?

I’m not asking which day of the gregorian calendar, I mean, do I count days or something?

it’s always the same day, july 25th :smile:

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can you elaborate on your question, a little?

The 13 Moon Calendar, is perpetual, in terms of it’s correlation dates with the Gregorian calendar. By this I mean, that the New Year, always begins on July 26. Then there are 13 Moons of 28 Days each, with the final day of the year being July 25 - the Day Out of Time. It does not belong to any moon.

13 Moons * 28 Days + 1 Day Out of Time = 365 day solar cycle

The Day Out of Time is celebrated globally as a day of universal forgiveness, celebration, and artistic expression.


actually, you both have already answered… :content:

the thing I did not know was, if maybe the date changed, how would i know wich day would be the day out of time without having to see the dreamspell everyday…

'cause I have this book wich tells about the 13 moons, as seen with a pagan point of view, but i’ve never quite understood it… So I wanted to know if dreamspell could give me some insights… But the “day out of time” is a completely stranger concept to the 13 moon pagan system, as far as know anyway. so I wanted to know how it work, to see if i can still have the dreamspell as reference for this system…

I’m trying to do the math here :grin:

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here’s an interesting link about the 13 moon tree calendar used by the druids

you might find this link interesting too…

each moon is named after a different tree, and is composed of 28 days each. the starting dates are a little different from the dreamspell - the new year starts on june 21, whereas in the dreamspell it is july 26 (corresponding to the rise of the star, sirius)

The 13 moon Calendar has been used in many different cultures around the world, the Druids, the First Peoples of the Americas, the Polynesian’s, etc…


Thanx Explora,

Both sites are great, specially the “Spirit of Yggdrasil” one
I’ll get a deeper look on it! :ok: :thumbs: :good: :ok:

8 days after my birthday every year then :smile:

and 10 days after mine! (july 15)