Daydream to WILD

Hoping for some advice. I have been trying to WILD for over a year now with very limited success. I got slammed with exceptionally strong vibrations once (I say slammed because that’s the best description I can think of) and that’s about the extent of my success. However, I have on many occasions waken up in the middle of the night or early morning, layed back down to try WILD and fallen into a dream without realizing it. Let me describe:

I’m still sleepy and relaxed. I’ll get comfortable and set my intent to enter into a dream consciously. Then I will begin to daydream (active imagination). If I can remember my last dream before waking, I will begin to imagine I’m back in the dream and go from there. Otherwise, I will let my mind wander, catch onto something interesting, and daydream about that. Here’s the kicker - I usually end up falling asleep right into the dream but I never realize it. I am always aware but I feel like I’m still awake. I don’t even realize I’ve fallen asleep and am actually dreaming until I find myself waking up later on. It seems I can WILD very easy, just without the Lucidity that would make it worth while, and it’s very frustrating. It’s more like a WID instead of a WILD. I feel like I’m only one step away from being able to WILD but there is something I am missing.

Any advice? Should I forget about active imaination and try a different WILD technique like counting or something? I’ve tried just about all the techniques I’ve read about but it seems like I’ve already got the right method for me. My awareness is with me as I enter the dream, but I guess I get so caught up in the daydream that I forget to stop and say “I’m here now, I can do whatever I want”. I just keep going along with the dream until I wake up. By the way, there is never any indication that I’ve fallen asleep and entered the dream. I get no vibrations, no swirly colors or patterns in front of my eyes, or any other sensations WILDers describe. Like I said, I don’t realize I was dreaming until I wake up.

Maybe daydream going around doing reality checks - and then when one works in the dream world you’ll know you’re lucid - kinda VILD-ish, or that technique with the finger tapping…

Yeah, I tried that but so far I have not been able to make it work. I lose interest in the RC part and get swept up in the dream. I thought about VILD but the thought of forcing myself to think the same thing over and over seems suffocating to me. Based on the description I read of VILD though, I think you’re right about what I do being VILDish. In fact, I think the way I enter the dream is exactly like VILD except I don’t do an RC and consequently, don’t become Lucid. That’s the one thing I’m missing. I guess I’ll just keep at it.