Daydreaming Vs Sleeping

So, I often do daydreaming on purpose when i’m sitting on the buss/train or something. I’ve experienced more and more that you’re actually able to feel feelings inside a daydream like an normal dream. Thou does feelings arent near as strong as normal sleep.

I belive both your concious and youre SC is working while daydreaming. It’s possible to go into a daydream at any awake moment. For me it takes a few seconds to get into the dream. The more I stay in the dream the deeper I get into it, from this state if I keep countanue i’ll fall asleep for real(WILD I guess.)

Unother thing I noticed with daydreaming is that, what you see is much more “laggy” in a daydream, you need to think of what you wan’t to see in the start. I guess this is because the SC isen’t working so much before you really get into your daydream. But things keeps popping up in my daydreams without thinking of it aswell, so for me this is proof that the SC really is there in daydreams.

In my daydream I had 30min ago, I walked out of my house down to the store to rob it. :wiske: (this was my own will.) then suddenly black cars came out of nowhere without thinking of it and started shooting at me. This have gotta be the SC who did this, cause I diden’t have a slighly throught this would happen. my counsiouse really got shocked by my SC…

Sorry for all spelling misstakes…

I belive daydreaming is just like a very light normal dream, you gotta do it for a while to get the SC going to enter the daydream deeper and till last you fall asleep.

So what do you guys think about daydreaming? I belive its the best practise you can do for learning LD’ing.

Daydreaming puts me to sleep lots (regretfully a lot of times during class and such) and I do notice that I’ll start with imagining my own things but in enough time my brain will start imagining its own scenarios, sometimes which I can remember when I come back to “consciousness” and sometimes which I can’t remember, but it’s always interesting nonetheless. I hate “waking up” from daydreams almost as much as waking up from sleep or a nap. :tongue: So yes, I’m sure they can be very similar states, if not almost the same thing.

I didn’t know that daydreaming can put you to sleep , I thing I’ll try this soon when I’m bored in the classroom .

the other night i was in bed (daydreaming, i was nowhere near sleep at this point) about playing battlefield bad company 2 (which i had been playing earlier), i could hear the noise of helicopter blades spinning (something you hear allot of in that game), then suddenly i could hear everything, but what grabbed me was when i was paying attention to one thing. all sorts of other things like bullet tracers and RPG`s were flying around me, as if my mind was putting these in there for me. i was not deciding to have the rockets,tracers, explosions, they just seemed to be outside of my control . it definitely felt like i was daydreaming partially lucidly. i obviously could control most of what was happening but i could not stop what was randomly happening. it was nearly as good as playing it for real!

It is very easy to spontaneously start daydreaming about games. Usually it’s because games utilise repetitive movements and actions. It’s called the Tetris Effect, and it’s rather annoying!

Good idea, I always do it.^^ not on purpose thou <_<

Yes, this is exactkly what I mean. :smile: I find this kinda intressting.^^ Makes it alot easier to fall asleep to force you’reself to daydream. :smile:

Interesting. I wonder if you can enter an LD by daydreaming first, then falling asleep while maintaing awarness. I think that might be the true “holy grail”.

But I have a horrible imagination and don’t really daydream. Like if I put my head down durring class I just fall asleep.

i find it easier to visualise like this, but when ever i dream of this, (maybe because the gameplay is repetitive,)my dream is repetitive too, with just short clips, played over and over (bad company 2(online) has no story, so this could be why.