Hi, I have a question about daydreaming. I’m sorry if this is the wrong board but I didn’t know where else to put it.
The problem is that (I think) I don’t daydream. At least not with images. Sometimes my mind wanders from what I am doing, but I don’t recall seeing images when that happens.

Is this normal or is something wrong with me? Can anyone describe how a daydream looks and feels?

The reason I ask this is because I’ve read somewhere that in some techniques to achieve lucidness (like WILD) you have in a certain stage to pretend you’re daydreaming.

I have bin wandering abute that too.
Is there someting wrong with us? :eh:

thats a good question.
i have day dreams a lot, and now that you bring that up, i dont really understand what they are. Basically for me what happens is that ill be sitting down somewhere and start to stare at a certain point (not on purpose). Then ill start thinking about something in my life and basically come up with a little scene in my head, kind of like a dream but MUCH more hazy and not real. For example, lets say Im at the dentists to get a tooth pulled. Ill be sitting in the waiting room then start to think hmm, i wonder if its gonna hurt. Then ill imagine the nurse or whoever come and tell me its my turn, and ill see myself walking down the hallway then enter the room. Ill sit down, have my tooth pulled etc. , then eventually “wake up” and shake my head and be back in the waiting room. The weird thing about daydreams is that Im 100% awake and i know i daydreaming. I control them, but to the point where I control everything and its no fun.
Another weird thing about daydreaming is that i never have any recollection what the past minute or so has been like while i was daydreaming. Ill be staring into space, but not actually looking at anything, and only seeing my dream, and my eyes are still open.
I do understand what they are saying about leading in dreaming though. Many times i have layed down and starting daydreaming about something, and eventually it just leads into a dream.
I think that basically daydreaming is just staring into space and thinking. lol.
You probably do it a lot, youre just not aware.

I find it easiest to daydream when I’m walking. But only when I’m alone, because then nobody distracts me.
Often those thought and images really kick in and after a few moments of daydreaming I snap back to “reality” and it feels strange to realize that I’m actually looking down at the pavement following my footsteps… :shy:

Well, I do ‘stare into space and think’, but I just don’t see any images. When I do that during the day, I mostly have a tune in my head and I’m playing that tune over and over, and then I think of nothing and just stare.
When I go to sleep and sometimes during the day, what I do is telling myself a story, or imagining a conversation, yet all without images.
It is possible I do see the images but forget them immediately when I ‘wake up’, but I am able to recollect what the ‘story’ or ‘conversation’ was about (and I forget that after a few minutes).

I daydream too often, everytime, everywhere, now I’m getting it more under control.
I’ve daydreamed while doing tests a plenty of times, just waking up 10 minutes later, fortunatelly some daydreams helped me doing them… oh sorry :eh:

I also daydream when i’m walking on my own, and suddenly i realsie i’ve got to my destination and it feels like i’ve got there in no time.

Is there something wrong with you? Certainly not. Different people think differently. There’s no right or wrong way to imagine or daydream. Some people genuinely see images when they daydream while others don’t. Practically everyone daydreams, though, whether they’d classify it as that or not.

You can work to hone your skills, if you’d prefer to see images when daydreaming. This can be beneficial for various different aspects in your life. But if you really don’t care, and you’re content to go on as you do normally, just remember that daydreaming occurs when you lose yourself in your thoughts for a while, whether they be accompanied by mental images or not. zach713 described it well with his dentist scenario. :smile:

Well as my title suggests, I love daydreaming!

I find it pretty easy to daydream with my eyes closed; in fact that’s how I get to sleep most of the time. I have this precise daydream that I continue every night, even though that I have never dreamed if being in that same scenario.

It is, like most of the users have said, “Staring into nothingness with your eyes open” You should have visuals like regular dreams, I honestly think “Daydreaming” and “Imagining” are one in the same.

I usually dont have mental images while daydreaming with my eyes open, but when I have my eyes closed I can see images

I find it impossible to day dream, But it takes me ages to get to sleep so its not a surprise.

How can I do that? Can you (or anyone else) tell me how to or link me where it is explained? 'Cause I’d like to learn :smile:

It sounds like fun. I don’t daydream either. No images and scenes. :sad:

You don’t have to get precise images indeed. Very few people have very good visualization skills. It’s like remembering or imagining. That’s just what is required with these techniques.